How Your Tongue Can Detect The State of Your Health

Saturday, 21 January 2017

How Your Tongue Can Detect The State of Your Health

How Your Tongue Can Detect The State of Your Health

It's all about the tongue. Not necessarily a feature, perhaps, but a closer look at your color of tongue will tell you more about you than you think.

And that's because it looks like the tongue is a measure of body health and performance. By looking closely at the tongue, Chinese herbs or naturopaths can detect vitamin deficiencies and poor circulation, high cholesterol, allergies and digestive problems. Beyond its functions help with speech, digestion, and savor a delicious meal your next, tongue, like a fingerprint. That is right! Bumps, shape, texture, paint, colour, indents to tell something about your health without saying.

How Your Tongue Can Detect The State of Your Health

Use the tongue to diagnose health problems not only on alternative medicine, in case you're thinking, 'don't buy this kind of stuff. Western doctors see it as an effective way to detect symptoms, too, and dental professionals investigating signs of oral cancer during a routine checkup – which can have appearance of ulcers or red areas, or white areas, most commonly found on the underside of the tongue and floor of mouth.

I think the tongue as a kind of road map, with certain areas because it is linked to specific parts of the body. The area at the back of the tongue, for example, matches your kidneys and bladder. Thick yellow coating on the back of the tongue may be a sign of impaired function in the bowel, bladder or uterus. The very tip of the tongue reflecting cardiovascular health, where the inverted tongue can mean bright red heart disorders and stress and anxiety! Appear on the sides of the tongue, liver condition, while central tongue connected to the spleen. Point being, if there is an unusual color, paint, or in a certain area, special attention should be paid to the corresponding machine system.

But you don't have to be a pro's tongue to study some basic in front of your bathroom mirror. Advised to look at the tongue every now and then note any changes. To help you along, here's a handy guide to better understand your health through the tongue.

A healthy tongue color

Let us start with a tongue indicates the healthy vibrant: a normal tongue is pink with white coat light, medium thickness, and no signs of cracks or sores. Surface test by your OS finger across – should feel little nodules called papillae that feel somewhat vague. They are small hair between your taste. Okay, you're okay!

Turns attention to the state of the tongue is the main reason a lot of usefulness:
The aim is to ascertain the type and nature of the illness by watching the state:
1. Muscle tongue: color, shape and movement
2. The membrane of the tongue: color, thick / thin, clean / dirty and wet / dry

The color of the tongue muscles
Normal tongue color is pink, middle color that we often pathological observation of white, red, dark red, burgundy and blue.

Pale tongue can indicate blood deficiency. Tongue generally too wet, and somewhat swollen, because this deficiency can lead to delays in the process of transformation and transportation of body fluids. In the blood deficiency, pale tongue and a bit dry. When paleness mainly took place on the side of the tongue, or in a weight problem, rather orange, so that means that there is deficiency of liver blood

The red color on the tongue always indicates the presence of heat. The red color on the tip of the tongue implies heat in the heart. If this situation coupled with the membrane of the tongue, so the situation is hot shi was not found when the membrane of the tongue indicates the presence of heat. In severe circumstances, the tip of the tongue swollen and there are red spots.

When the red color was found on the side of the tongue indicates the presence of heat in the gallbladder. Red spots that appear on the red tongue is generally caused due to protruding tongue papillae, so enlarged or swollen, and looks as well as red patches on the tongue. These are all signs of heat in the body of the patient.

Dark red
This color is darker than red and red as the color of the tongue, dark red color also indicates no heat, but the situation is more severe patients.

The color purple is always indicating there is blood stasis. Colors are called here there are two kinds, namely red, purple or blue-purple. Purple is the continuation of a red tongue and meaningful presence of heat and blood stasis. Blue violet is a continuation of the tongue pale, and cold as well as static meaningful presence of blood in patients.

Meaning of blue tongue is the same as purplish blue tongue, which is no cold in the body which causes blood stasis.



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