5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman

Thursday, 13 October 2016

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman. Women always have problems associated with beauty. One is the weight. If a woman has excess weight it is no wonder if he will do everything possible to lose weight is.

And one way that is often done by women to get the ideal body weight women usually are dieting. Not only diet but also exercise regularly. It is indeed very nice done. Especially if done in the proper manner.

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman

How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight in Women

1. Tests on mirror

The mirror can be used to assess whether you are getting fatter or not. If what you see in the mirror your body looks fatten. Most likely you do have weight gain.

2. Tests by pinching

This may sound funny. But it is true. You can pinch around your stomach or your arm. Because the fat is usually gathered around the abdomen and hand. Normally fat thickness of about 1.0 to 2.5 cm.

Less than that means you are too skinny. And more than that means you are too fat and not get the ideal body weight real women.

3. Test by leaping

You can do this with an easy way. Jump in place. If, after jumping to shake your body as it means that there are still a lot of fat in the body.

4. Other Ways to Calculate Ideal Weight

If you want to lose weight, then you can follow the following recommendations because so many have succeeded and usually helps lower the 1 -3 kg / week. How to? You can calculate your weight types including whether ideal or not. The trick is:

(Height-100) - 10% (height-100)

For example:

= (160-100) - 10% (160-100)
= 60-6
= 54

That means your ideal weight is 54 kg. The way of calculating ideal body weight is usually taken as the average. It means that not every person who has a height of 160m will have an ideal body weight of about 54 kg. Due to the size and shape of bones and fat in each person a different course.

5. Calculate your ideal weight by measuring waist circumference

If a person becomes obese usually he will experience a buildup of fat around the waist. Then you should try to measure your waist circumference. Usually the ideal waist circumference in women is 80cm.

Benchmark in calculating the ideal weight that women can use to measure your own body weight. Do you still overweight or too thin.



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