Beautiful Tips with Javanese Traditional Cosmetics

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Beautiful Tips with Javanese Traditional Cosmetics

Traditional cosmetics

The natural beauty of women
Javanese woman very much attention to physical appearance are always slim, attractive and beautiful with bright smiles.

He says the term Javanese 'Ngadi Salira' to keep body to always be in perfect condition to the Prime Minister. Way of life very much affected by the Javanese culture of ownership. Not surprisingly, art "Keeping Beauty ' originated from the Court.

Beautiful Tips with Javanese Traditional Cosmetics

Beauty Secret Princess
The ladies of "Royal Families" have a reputation of goddesses beauty inheritance paradise.

As told in the story of the wayang (leather puppet) before Dalang (puppet master), all parts of the body of the Princess always perfect and attractive: thick black hair beautiful and smooth skin, bright eyes, eye brows, magician and eyelids, nose and lips bright reddish, white teeth nice and gorgeous Brown neck and shoulder, beautiful hands and arms, the waist like one little bee meanings and built perfectly.

Dalang in a deep voice is clear, like adores reading the poem beauty Princess with f-words. It seems that all the words in the dictionary are not enough to fully express what is gorgeous with a Princess.

Using traditional Jamu cosmetics
At present, know some secrets of this culture cartoon (insufficiency) of Sarira Najdi "many women from outside the walls of carton. Jamu is widely used to give the beauty inside me, because good physical health.

Some of the products consumed directly by eating in, for example, Keppel fruit (fruit Brown from the size of chicken eggs), a natural deodorant. Before eating the fragrant smells body odor even Walpole that fruit aroma.

Jambo Mawar (kind of apples rose, mawar means flower rose) gives a new smell to breath. Some cosmetics for application outside like Lulur (powder purification) and bedak dingin (cool powder).

Beauty care
Every woman always cherished her hair — thick and bright, color and pattern. Natural shampoo, chasing ashes rice work as shampoo to clean hair. After being washed with water, the ingredients consist of Coconut milk India, jeruk purut (kind of citrus scents like lime) and pandanus leaves that apply. It operates air conditioner to clean the crust. The hair and then wash with water again, be dried while evaporation with fragrance ratus.

Finally, apply the hair cemceman name oil, made from coconut oil with pandanus, kinanga flower, port grok etc.

Skin care
Facial care, applying bedak dingin (cool powder). Rice has tendered with special ingredients, such as pandanus, kinanga flower etc.

For other parts of the body, Lulur applied, known as mandi lulur (Lulur bathing).

It also monitors paddy Lulur tendered and pandanus and some papers kemuning (yellow) and some medical roots. Lawlor should stimulate the body to get rid of dead cells, and replace it with a new one, and stimulate circulation beneath the skin, smooth skin and at the same time he smelled.

Fumigation body
Fumes boiling herbs is applied to ensure the freshness of the body, including the woman's body. Steaming it took about half an hour.

Besides the traditional cosmetics in the country there are some large and well known manufactures cosmetics, using modern machinery. These products are used extensively the country, so this cosmetics has been exported to many countries in the world.



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