Bitter Melon (Gourd): Benefits for Health

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bitter Melon (Gourd): Benefits for Health

Most people really do not like bitter melon. The bitter taste makes bitter melon not included in the list of favorite foods. However, most dieticians, health experts and doctors actually recommend taking bitter melon regularly. The reason, many health benefits contained therein.

There are various ways to consume bitter melon, ranging from making it to cook into a vegetable juice, or even add in soups and salads.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or squash in some bitter, has a wealth of health benefits that can be derived by including in your diet. Some benefits of bitter melon is most famous is their ability to help manage diabetes, prevent and reduce cancer symptoms and reduce the effects of hemorrhoids, improve respiratory health, improve skin health and boost the immune system. Also has proven that bitter melon has anti inflammatory qualities and antifungal antibiotics, anti allergic, anti-retroviral drugs, parasites and expectorant. For these reasons and more, bitter melon is between a number of cultural cuisines across the world.

Watermelon actually member of the same family (Cucurbitaceae) Allegre, melon, gourd, which is why it has three distinct names, depending on where in the world you're eating this herbal vine. It is most commonly found in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean Sea, and its origins have been traced to the Indian subcontinent, and began to spread in more than 600 years.

Name and is one of the most bitter fruits available, which are some of the benefits of cooking. Ideally, the fruit is harvested before maturity, as it becomes increasingly bitter and long fruit, such as an option, so exterior warty, ridged. There are benefits of the fruit in the body, which has the consistency of choice or green peppers before maturity, when they become difficult and very bitter. If the fruit is allowed to ripen, highlighting the bright red pulp, which is also used in some cultures in these dishes.

Benefits of bitter melon

Although the fruit can be hard to find and harvest timing, it can be a delicious way to add other nutritious and healthy in your diet, and the health benefits it has is impressive. Major benefits, and are listed below:

Treating diabetes: a bitter melon fruits stronger for managing diabetes for several reasons. There are significant levels of charntin, insulin-like peptides, and alkalis in bitter melon fruit fleshy. All these ingredients actively affect blood sugar levels, which in the limit. It also helps prevent unpredictable rise and fall in insulin levels that regulate metabolism and use of sugar that the body has consumed food. As a powerful blood sugar, bitter melon cannot be used in conjunction with other medications that lower blood sugar, because it can cause really serious lack of blood sugar in the body!

Helps you lose weight: Bitter melon known to be rich in antioxidants, is very useful cleaning excess toxins from the body that causes the increase in weight. Eating bitter melon juice on a regular basis has been proven to effectively help in weight loss, to obtain a more slender body and healthier.

Preventing heart disease: Bitter melon help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, which often block the walls of the arteries and cause heart disease. So, eating regularly bitter melon good for disease-free survival and longevity

Hemorrhoid relief: a number of studies have shown that anti inflammatory qualities in bitter melon that ointment is very good for an uncomfortable situation of piles, also known as hemorrhoids. When you create a paste of the root of a plant bitter melon, you can apply topically to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and bleeding. If you drink bitter melon juice, you may also receive similar benefits, if you can handle the taste!

Reduce constipation: For people who suffer from stomach problems or have a mild problem persists in the intestinal digestion, bitter melon should be included in their diet. The fiber helps digest food and help overcome constipation

Sharpen vision: Bitter melon contains beta carotene which is very useful to reduce eye infections, also sharpen vision.

Immune health: bitter melon is the source of a lot of different antioxidants that make it a powerful defense mechanism against disease in the body. Clears the antioxidants the body of free radicals, dangerous compounds released during cell metabolism that can cause any number of different diseases. Add the bitter melon into your diet, you can greatly improve your chances of defense against serious illnesses, including heart attacks and kidney damage, liver failure; three of the many places where free radicals such as causing health issues.

Reduce Acne: Bitter melon very well to cleanse and detoxify the blood. Including reducing acne and cleanse the body from within. It also may help eliminate skin and blood infections such as boils, scabies, fungal diseases, and the like.

Cancer prevention: may help antioxidants present in bitter melon to find and destroy free radicals that can cause diseases (including many forms of cancer), but that's not the only benefit the fruit with regard to cancer. Bitter melon studied extensively as an anti-tumor and cancer itself, along with the natural impulse to numbers of antioxidants in the body. In the first place, studies have shown the positive correlation between eating bitter melon and prevent or reduce tumor growth of cancer of the cervix, prostate, and breast cancer patients. Some of this is because this fruit ability fast coder (cell death) in tumor cells. However, further studies all the time to find out more about the strong anti-cancer properties that this humble fruit seems to have, and other types of cancer patients who could benefits

Bitter melon respiratory conditions: there have been a number of studies that showed the bitter melon as a way to get relief from respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, hay fever (rhinitis). It's anti-histamine, suppressor, anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties, and antivirals booster is ideal for respiratory health. It is recommended to eat some bitter melon before going to bed, soothing effects occur while you're asleep!

Fungal diseases: bitter melon recipes antifungal and antibacterial make it ideal to combat various fungal infections, and also helps to rid the bloodstream of those toxins before they can do any more damage. Specifically, in terms of injuries and skin health, bitter melon was useful in treating fungus, psoriasis. Moreover, anti inflammatory qualities reduce irritating itching associated with skin diseases and infections. The juice can be extracted from the leaves the best ointment or treatment for these conditions, applied topically on the affected areas.

A few words of caution: the chemicals in bitter melon ware is strong, but should be respected as well. Pregnant women should not consume bitter melon, because it can induce excessive menstruation, you must still do more research on bitter melon consumption while breastfeeding, so now, it's best to avoid it. Also, as mentioned above, working hard to lower blood sugar levels, which can become dangerous, especially in the period before and after surgery.

Finally, some people are especially sensitive to bitter melon disempowering deficiency, which can cause. These symptoms are similar to anemia, and also include headache, fever and stomach pain. This fruit is very strong, and it is highly recommended that you talk with your doctor or physician before adding it to your diet.

It's good, forget for a moment the bitter taste of bitter melon and enter this excellent vegetable in your diet. Not only offers health benefits, bitter melon also helps acquire beautiful hair and skin.

Eating bitter melon can give your skin clean and shine-free infection and acne, and really very helpful against hair loss, dry and itchy scalp, and even gray hair.



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