Relaxation of Body and Mind with Savasana

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Relaxation of Body and Mind with Savasana

Relaxation of Body and Mind with Savasana

Savasana. Many ways to relax the body and mind. One of the most simple yet effective is savasana. savasana is a relaxation technique that comes from yoga. If you practice yoga, savasana is often done at the end of the exercise, ending with meditation. However savasana can actually be done at any time outside of the practice of yoga. For example, when you are tired and want to quickly restore power.

A lot of benefit from savasana. Among them are increases concentration and calm the mind so that it can help relieve stress and mild depression.


savasana also relaxes the whole body and give him time to repair damaged cells. As a result, could relieve some disorders such as headaches and fatigue. Savasana can also help normalize blood pressure, heart rate and overcome sleeplessness.

Here's how to do savasana:

1. Face comfortably

Find a comfortable place to his back, so the body can be in a flat position. Could be on the floor, mat or bed. If you intend to use this technique to overcome insomnia, and as an exercise before bed, you should do in bed.

Keep in a quiet place, so you can more easily concentrate. If you look in the mirror the eye, temporarily release.

Start by sitting down, then bend your knees and feet flat on the floor. Then, lay the body slowly. Feel whether you are comfortable supine position is really comfortable.

If the lower back discomfort, with the help of hands, lift your hips slightly upwards. Align the lower back his best with caution, and then put it back to the floor. Do not force. That way, the lower back area would be more comfortable. If less convenient, you can put a folded towel in the lower back.

Alternatively, bend your knees and let your feet flat on the floor. This position makes the lower back area so not depressed so more relaxed.

To be more comfortable, you can prop a pillow under your knees. Importantly, do not push. Relax your lower back area. In order to fix the position of the back straight and elongated spine.

2. Set the Hand, Foot and Head

Take a breath, slowly open your legs shoulder width apart. Straighten your right leg, then let be relaxed. Do also on the left foot. Relax both shins, and note that each foot will naturally lead out.

After that, help neck and head becomes more relaxed. How, with hands slowly lift the bottom of the head so that the neck vertebrae aligned. Do not force. Then, slowly put back head to the floor.

Kalu could not do it, and feel uncomfortable, prop your head and neck with a rolled towel. Then relax your shoulders. Make sure the shoulder does not go up and tense. Rest comfortably on the floor.

Put your hands toward the ceiling and then place it on the floor, about 45 degrees from the shoulder. Open palms up and relax.

3. Relax tense areas

While regulating the breath, relax your senses. Relax your tongue, nose, earlobes, and surrounding areas, as well as the muscles around the eyes.

Similarly relax the forehead and the area between the eyebrows are usually knotted with tension. Let your eyes relax and terraces as heavy.

Feel the whole body from the toe to the top of the head and find which part is uncomfortable and stiff. Relax area, if necessary wiggle a bit to find a comfortable position. Then, feel the whole body to relax so that feels heavy and blend with the earth.

4. relaxes while exhaling

Once the entire body comfortable and relaxed, focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, feel the fingers of the right foot and relax while exhaling long and smooth. Do the same for the left toe.

Then take a breath and relax your calf and shin right leg while exhaling. Do it again to the left.

And so on, up one by one in sequence. Waist, abdomen, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, chin, mouth, nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, around the face, until the top of the head.

5. Focus on breathing

The more relaxed? Focus your mind on your breathing for 5 to 30 minutes. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to count backwards from certain numbers. Most yoga teachers recommend number 27 because it is considered not take too long or short.

Take a breather with the nose, as he said in the liver "27". Exhale while saying the hearts of "27", and so on, until it reaches zero. And repeat again if you feel less.

If the concentration is suddenly lost and you stop counting. Repeat again from the number 27. And so on. If you fall asleep before the count, it means you lose concentration or too tired, you can continue doing savasana or at a later time. Over time, the more you can easily concentrate.

6. It is with caution

After savasana, body and mind become very relaxed. To finish, do not immediately stand

Feel the entire body and senses. Then slowly wiggle the fingers and toes. Bend your left knee, slowly while exhaling turn the body to the right side.

Take a breath and dispose of as much as 2 to 3 times. Then resting on hands, slowly raise the waist to sit. The head is the last part up.

A comfortable cross-legged and close your eyes. Then, take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Do about 3 to 6 times the breath, or whatever you like. 



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