Remedies for Kidney Stones with Water Therapy and Kumis Kucing

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Remedies for Kidney Stones with Water Therapy and Kumis Kucing

Kidney stone disease if left unchecked can cause extreme pain, especially in the lower abdomen. I myself have experienced it some time ago had kidney stones and if more recur almost 24 hours I did not sleep because of pain incredible.

How do I cope with kidney stone disease and remove kidney stones naturally. This tips that I will share with you who are experiencing renal stone disease. Therapeutic remove kidney stones that I have done through two processes.

Remedies for Kidney Stones
Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus)

Some time ago I've never written a treatment of water to remove kidney stones that a second process, or I also call it a core process. Although water therapy is a core process but before I do the initial process that must be done. Because the process with each other are interrelated.

Before performing water treatment processes remove kidney stones try to follow directions and do it with patience what I will write next.

Initially the process is destroying stones in the kidney itself. I did the initial process of destroying kidney stones in a natural way using herbs typical of the tropics is the Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus). You must be very familiar with the plant this one because a lot of Kumis Kucing grow in areas with weather conditions such as in Indonesia. Kumis Kucing are also commonly grown in home garden ornaments.

I had consultations with specialists in internal medicine, in conditions of kidney stones is still small about 0,5cm below the Kumis Kucing leaves herb kidney stones can be crushed and off by itself when you urinate. But if kidney stones are already larger than 0,5cm should be coupled with water therapy.

OK just how to make a recipe for destroying kidney stones naturally. First of course you need to prepare a Kumis Kucing leaves about 30 sheets. Then the Kumis Kucing leaves boiled with 2 cups water to boil and the remaining 1 cup only. After a cold drink juice leaves Kumis Kucing this until the end.

You can also do the latter without boiling it first. The way the mashing 20 leaves cat whiskers, then squeeze and take the water. Drinking juice leaves your Kumis Kucing every waking. Do this for a week.

But remember to take medication on kidney stone to the maximum you should also consult with a doctor. Because the doctor knows better how kidney stones disease condition and the doctor can advise how to do it with a better therapy.

After therapy destroys kidney stones with herb leaves Kumis Kucing above, you can do the two processes, Water Therapy Removing Kidney Stones.



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