The Best Way to Whiten Skin

Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Best Way to Whiten Skin

The best way to white skin. Everybody's skin color is not always the same, and this is due to many factors that determine skin color. Facial skin is the most annoying thing for women. Who wants to have dark skin, even striped? Among the active ingredients which now began to be used in medicine and in the salons of whitening skin by Exfoliating dead cells such as products with active ingredients.

Whiten Skin

Smooth skin is now needed for many people. Therefore, many skin care products on offer. Not just skin whitening or retain moisture, but also keep the skin smooth like a baby. Interestingly, when it is not just women who need skin care. Men who need that not a few. Especially before the wedding day, all treatments must be done.

Cosmetics of substances manufactured specially to beautify and improve and transform one attraction. Cosmetic use a tradition since time immemorial. In fact, using cosmetics, everything is possible, but whether they will continue to uphold the Polish cosmetics?

Our goal should be to change the color of the skin as the upper arm to lower arm skin color whiter. Down the arm more rarely exposed to sunlight. Natural ingredients helps to nourish the skin.

Natural materials below can help keep the skin. Not only enjoy, but also healthy.

Whiten Skin

This one fruit known as a suspicious odor remover, or a mixture of food seasoning. But the real lemon juice too many benefits for health and beauty. The water that comes from the flesh of the fruit is known to be able to make smaller pores and remove excess fat in oily skin types. Benefits: to close skin pores. Take meat, lime and apply to the skin. Usually around the nose and cheeks pores look larger. To whiten and soften the skin. Rub lemon slices on the face and skin and other body parts.


Avocado reputation a lot of benefits, especially for beauty. With science, it is clear that avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals and natural oils. Avocado is rich in vitamins a, c, e, iron, potassium, niacin, and Quint acids proteins that are usually not found in fruit. All these articles are useful for skin health and beauty.

Whiten Skin

Benefits: a moisturizer. Take part in avocado skins, containing homiktants, and able to withstand moisture. Gently rub all over the face and leave it for 15 minutes. And then wash face using cold water. Do this at night before going to sleep that night is the time for the skin to work.

The face that retain moisture make makeup last long after that.

Using masks and scrub. Using masks to try to beautify themselves with treatment using several types of plants like vegetables. Masks can be stressful and soften skin. Use of plant products listed in making masks. Teen skin should use a mask vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, jicama, potatoes, and carrots.

Yam mask
You can whiten and remove black marks and pigmentation in the skin.

Potato mask can soften and whiten the skin.

Tomato mask

Whiten Skin
You can soften and soften skin. Scrubs or scrubbing regularly (1 or 2 weeks) so that dead skin cells causes rough and dull skin will be lifted and mate. This will speed up the turnover of skin cells younger lining which makes the skin surface in itself will look fresh and radiant. Don't forget to wear Sun block cream whenever you're out of the House in the morning and afternoon, so as to protect the skin from UV rays. On the night wear emollient cream (body lotion) that contains bleach.

Facial treatment:

Make a special purification treatment for the face (many sold in stores health and beauty products) at least 1 or 2 weeks. Wear a mask according to skin type and needs (acne, oily, dry or that contains bleach and Ian etc.) wear sunscreen cream in the morning and during the day as well as night cream that contains bleach. But keep in mind, when undergoing treatment with facial whitening and should avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it will actually irritate the skin.

Or you can also do the peeling treatment. This treatment must be careful because that burqa skin will quickly, and often lead to irritation or injury to the skin when the user is not careful, especially if your skin type is classified as sensitive. One more thing, when you wear bleach cream must not forget the neck.



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