Traditional Recipes: Natural Home Remedies for Dysentery

Monday, 24 October 2016

Traditional Recipes: Natural Home Remedies for Dysentery

I'm sure you're a fruit commonly grown in the desert, especially the widely grown in Egypt and surrounding countries, namely Dates. Palm fruit has been hundreds of years ago, many known to the public in the countries of Europe, America Asia including Indonesia because it tastes sweet and sticky.

You would have never tasted a fruit that tastes delicious and has many properties to cure this disease. But did you know it was not just a date that tastes just delicious and able to cure the disease, date stones also able to cure dysentery.

Natural Home Remedies for Dysentery

Dysentery itself is a kind of disease from diarrhea accompanied by blood and mucus. Usually people affected by dysentery, stomach will feel nauseous and always wanted to pulp.

Dysentery if left untreated will lead to seriously decreased immune system; the body becomes weak from loss of fluids. And if allowed to continue will result in the death of the sufferer.

Now widely sold drug to treat dysentery in pharmacies. But before you take your medicine chemical-based traditional recipes you can try to cure dysentery by using palm fruit seeds. The trick is also very easy and does not cause negative effects on the patient's body.

To make potions dysentery with a date, you can read the traditional recipe to cure dysentery below.

Natural home remedies for dysentery

The following are some natural home remedies that are effective in treating dysentery

Arjuna: made from the bark of grass decoction provides relief from dysentery. This drink can be taken in doses of 15 to 30 grams. Cooling may bark effect. Arrests bleeding. It provides relief from fever.

Bell fruit: fruit Bill or Apple wood is a natural coolant which capture your intestines. Unripe or half-ripe fruit is good digestion. This fruit strengthens the stomach and promote their work.

One tablespoon of fruit pulp mixed with a sufficient quantity of this should be three times a day. In chronic cases, should be roasted 15 g fruit pulp of immature on fire. Mix 250 ml of water or milk to this pulp. Add this to sweeten an infusion. Drink this three times a day. 15 g pulp can be mixed with an equal amount of powdered ginger. Then can be mixed 250 ml milk. This patient drink three times a day.

Cilantro: make herbal decoction of two tablespoons of dried coriander seeds. This can be taken with water or milk. This helps in soothing the irritation bowel layer. Seeds of coriander also helps reduce mucus in stool.

Lemon peel: lemon slice and about three. Add about 250 ml of water and boil for a few minutes. Strain this leak. This infusion should be taken three times daily.

Banyan leaf buds: soak in water overnight. Drink this infusion in the morning for best results. Plant sprouts arrests bleeding or excretion.

Pomegranate rind: take about 60 g pomegranate Peel and boil 250 ml milk. Remove from the fire when the third evaporated milk. This should be in three equal doses at regular intervals. This will provide relief from dysentery.

Musk melon: sometimes may be accompanied by intestinal secretion wemosilaginos soft dysentery. May be some of the left part stuck inside. If this condition persists for a long time, may force the intestines contract.

In such cases the musk melon is very effective. The fruit has properties which expel this issue with feces.

Black nightshade black nightshade: correcting disordered feeding operations. That includes digestion and absorption and utilization and excretion of nutrients. And it restores the normal function of the system. It reduces pain and irritation. They also improve the appetite. Leaking from the plant is useful for dysentery.

Butea: gum, seeds and leaves of Butea medicinal properties. Leaves are effective in arresting the secretion and bleeding. Mild gum and useful for children and women in sensitive circumstances. Can you chew leaves as to treat the disease. Pumping will gum as an enema rectum immediate relief. Fresh juice of leaves can also be used to treat the disease.

Aishabgol: aishabgol is helpful in chronic dysentery. In the case of weight in the stomach and intestines, take about 50 ml castor oil. This should be taken with a glass of milk three times a day. This solid blocks output of stool. After a few applications to clear the intestines, take 10 g seeds of isabgol. Mix this with 100 grams of yoghurt and drink three to four times a day.

Polygon pumpkin seeds: seeds contain a chemical similar to amitini. This can be useful for chronic and acute amoebic dysentery. Take about fifteen grams of seeds with one cup of milk. Drink it twice a day for best results.

Onions: cut the onion into small pieces and mix with the yoghurt. Add equal parts of tree leaves Bebal tender and coriander leaves and sugar. This chew slowly.

Myroblan chibulic of the bowel
Myroblan chibolic: this is a mild and safe. It strengthens the stomach and promote their work. Correct feeding disordered processes, restore the normal function of the system. Take four grams of unripe fruit pulp. Add honey and cloves and cinnamon. To this mixture twice a day.

Curry leaves: Curry leaves strengthen the stomach and promote their work. Curry leaves tender mixed with honey is very effective for dysentery.

Dill: dill leaf helps in improving the functioning of the stomach and it also sooths the stomach. Take dill regularly helps in digestion and prevents constipation. The seeds of dill oil yield powerful carminative. Saute the seeds the seeds in margarine with the ring in equal amount. This will treat the bacillary dysentery. Mixed seed should be dried and roasted with sour milk or buttermilk for better results.

Henna: papers capture secretion or bleeding. Crop seeds Palmitic, linoleic fatty acids. The seed powder should be mixed with ghee. Make small balls size betel. This can also be taken with water.

Amla to intestines
Indian gooseberry fruit cooling and refreshing. It increases the size of the urethra. Syrup, made in Indian gooseberry, mixed with lemon juice and sugar candy controlling bacillary dysentery. One tablespoon of dough of leaves, mixed with honey or yogurt is also effective for treating this disease.

Cannabis: leaves in the reduction of pain and irritation. It increases the secretion and discharge. Arrests bleeding. Take two grams of dried leaves blended with sugar and black pepper to cure dysentery.

Indian biniort: correct feeding disordered processes and restore normal operation. It goes against inflammation. Leaves are effective in the early stages of dysentery in children. Take three or four leaves and add cumin and sugar. Make a paste of the mix. Apply this paste on navel to achieve better results.

Diet: at first, the patient fasts for as long as the present acute symptoms. Orange juice should be taken only water during this time. The patient can be replaced with milk as an alternative. Yogurt fights bacteria.

When the acute symptoms the patient can be taken over, curd rice and fresh ripe fruit and skim milk. Solid foods should be introduced gradually and carefully according to the pace of the recovery. You should avoid all types of foods. We must avoid tea and coffee, white sugar and white flour and alcohol in all its forms.

The patient must give small doses of castor oil in the emulsion. This is easily removed as soon as the issue of assault weapons. It also reduces pressure during defecation and Lisette abraded surfaces. Mechanical clearance should be accumulated toxic issue by giving low pressure enema. This can be done two or three times a day, give as much water as the patient can tolerate. You can apply a hot water bag on the abdomen.

Good info recipe to natural home remedies for dysentery is useful to you. Please read the other tips or traditional recipe to cure this disease just here.



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