Uses and Effects of Soursop

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Uses and Effects of Soursop

Uses and effects of Soursop

Uses of Soursop the effects of Soursop on the body, not exactly understood well. However, most astonishing fact that extracts Soursop can kill many types of cancer cells such as breast cancer cells and liver. And not only that fruit is also used as a cure for many diseases.

Rainforest in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia are known for this priceless natural reserves. Used the bark, roots and fruits and leaves of this plant for ages by many people for home remedies. The secret behind all this is the active ingredient in a compound known as acetogenins anonasios.

Uses and Effects of Soursop

Graviola hunts down and kills lung, breast, prostate, pancreatic and colon cancer, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The first modern study of graviola with NCI in 1976, and found that the stems and leaves have been effective at destroying malignant cells. Since then, a number of promising cancer studies regarding graviola.

However, it was not mined for use on cancer patients; haven't conducted double-blind clinical trials until after. Yet it has proven effects of graviola in destroying cancer cells in the lab in lab tests at least 20. Recent research revealed in South Korea that the two compounds extracted from the graviola seeds sitotoksisiti activity detected ' a la carte ', akin to adriamisin.

Soursop amazing and versatile medical trees, with almost all its parts after great uses in herbal medicine. Fruit juice is effective in destroying all types of intestinal parasites. You can also increase the mother's milk when nursing, help treat diarrhea, reduce fever.

Medical Soursop is used to improve or to treat diseases ranging from Dermatology to parasitic worms. Seed pesticide properties have known bugs in General, as well as vomiting, which can be used to induce vomiting. Plant decoction proved the effectiveness of bed bugs and lice. He is considered as a cure for coughs, fever, diarrhea, dyspepsia, gallbladder problems and dysentery.

Fresh leaves applied mashed on the rash to speed healing. When fasting, he thinks cider for ease of leprosy and liver disease. And consumed the juice as cure hematuria and urethritis and liver problems. The root bark can be used as an antidote for poisoning.

As far as nutritional value, Soursop is very rich in nutrients, carbohydrates and micronutrients in the first place. Nemesis is vitamin c, natural and powerful antioxidants that can slow down the aging process and improve the immune system. The fruit of a somewhat useful article levy also promote healthy digestive, bowel regularity and helps reduce cholesterol. It's also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, as well as phosphorus and potassium and iron.

Effects of Soursop is not only limited to its anticancer; it also serves as a natural anti depressant, anti stress, nerveen, anti spasmodic and vermifuge. There are many studies that support the guanabana relaxing effect on the vascular system, based on their effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure.

Medicinal uses and cooking from Soursop

Goisisorsob Soursop not only medical but also cooking. There are many creative methods for cooking Soursop. Often sold in local markets, one can find different ways to eat graviola. White meat are often treated to ice cream or sherbet. Caribbean Sea, white meat is used when making a drink, Soursop drink milky white. Sweet varieties of this fruit sweets cooked or eaten raw. Currently, Soursop is marketed ice cream under the label 'guanabana' in South America, and is found in many supermarkets.

Apart from cooking the meat Soursop, there are other ways to eat guanabana. Canned pureed pulp can be blended or at home, easily made a delicious desert, although the new one is more favourable. The fruits are cooked are usually immature. Though it tastes bitter, it's sweet to health: can be eaten less fever and combat intestinal parasites and diarrhea stops. To speed up the healing process, you can apply a poultice flesh injuries for three days.

Besides, there are many uses for Soursop papers. Different properties of leaves is known, treatment of diseases such as liver problems, arthritis, intestinal colic, dysentery, edema, abscess, bronchitis and diarrhoea, according to many anecdotal reports. Graviola used bitter leaf tea in treating insomnia hypo/hypertension, diabetes and seizures. In addition, anti spasmodic and soothing uses.

You can also make bombarded graviola oil aunribinid fruit and leaves and combine then with olive oil. Oil can be alleviated, when applied topically, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, sores, rashes and other skin disorders. Can be used mashed papers poultice for skin problems. It is known as a treatment for cough and fever, indigestion and bitterness, as well as bed bugs and lice, head of the decoction of leaves or young shoots.

There are a variety of ways that can answer the question of how to use Soursop. It can be dried up seeds and used as a pesticide against pests of head lice, internal and external parasites. It also has characteristics of vomiting, which may help in inducing vomiting. And he thinks that helping people diabetes antidote to root poisoning and may act as a narcotic. And thought to relieve catarrh flowers.

Bristlecone miracle, many traditional uses Soursop checked the research, as well as incredible properties were discovered. Natural health practitioners use graviola leaf and bark for many treatments, especially nerveen, anti-spasm, as a tonic for the heart and bacterial nature such as coughs and the flu. The therapeutic dose is to have 3 to 4 grams a day of bark and/or, in some cases, using standard pump with dose one Cup three times per day.

Uses and Effects of Soursop

What are the side effects of Soursop?

Soursop fruit tree

Anyone interested in using this herb should take time to check the common side effects Soursop to which they may be subjected. Side effects are an integral part of herbal medicines, after all – so you could argue that all medicines.

According to the 2002 Journal titled "movement disorders", there may be a connection between the high rate of West Indians suffer from Parkinson's and movement disorders type consumption rates unusually high of Soursop. However, the study did not use on humans, but only cultured neurons, where he is being questioned so far. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center warns that a great deal of human research is important because the medical community to inform the public about the benefits and side effects Soursop.

One of the main problems with guanabana is possible interactions with other medications you may be taking. For example, the possible interaction with antidepressants. Conditions relating to neurological function such as Parkinson's disease may worsen while taking high doses of supplements Soursop. Be sure to check with your doctor before you take graviola.

People who suffer from heart disorders, or those who are taking antihypertensive drugs and you should refrain from eating Soursop. While the main side effect that can lower blood pressure levels, may cause drug interaction if you are taking medication for high blood pressure. Living with low blood pressure levels should think twice before taking this herb as a result.

You can use Soursop vomiting. A large dose of Soursop juice can make some people throw. Nausea and vomiting may occur if the person has a sensitive stomach. Other cautions include taking graviola affects pregnancy. Graviola can stimulate the uterus, and may cause premature uterine contractions.

Just like other herbal remedies, always consult your doctor before taking it. Each person is unique and can interact with food and herbs in a different way. Equally cautious if you are pregnant or nursing. These side effects usually manifest when there is excessive consumption or overdose of grass Soursop. There is no optimal dose as of today, but most people find 500 to 600 mg capsule Soursop daily enough to maintain health. Many people were able to respond to this herb without too many problems in the end.



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