How To Increase Penis Size Naturally with Traditional Herb

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally with Traditional Herb

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally with Traditional Herb. Here it is interesting news for the real man. Anyone who feels and wants to be considered as a real man, and mighty to the problem of bed eager to have a big penis, hard and sturdy. So many recipes enlarge penis searched for the needs of this one. Although not all men have such a presumption, but see from the many manufacturers and advertising prescription enlarge the penis in the market we came to know that most men would like to have a big penis, hard and sturdy to satisfy his wife.

Big Penis

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is caused by disruption of the circulation of blood to the penis. Actually, to avoid this exercise regularly and consume vegetables and fruits as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle can do. In addition you can also use the recipe traditionally larger penis to maintain sexual health.

Below is a recipe view traditional penis that is widely used by Arab men to maintain sexual health.

Honey and Cumin Black

Mash until smooth 3 tablespoons cumin and mix in 1 liter of honey. Shuffle whenever you will drink it because the black cumin powder does not dissolve in the liquid honey. Drink as much as 2 tablespoons of this mixture every day.

Milk, Eggs, Honey, Ginger, plus Black Caraway
You can also put a concoction of honey and cumin over the glass of warm milk plus an egg yolk and a little ginger powder. Mix well and drink in a warm state.

Ma'jun is an herb that contains a variety of natural ingredients such as honey, cumin, cardamom, sesame seeds, ginger, etc. The shape seems highly viscous black liquid and sometimes shaped like porridge. Can be found in stores herbalist.



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