10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

The Commission experts to sleep naked has its benefits. When couples, and obviously he prefers intimacy. Then you'll discover key benefits 10.

1. Refreshes the body

During the day the body is exposed to environmental stress and tension, overnight needs to find a balance, so it naturally lowers the temperature. In this way, very hot can interfere with this process.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

2. Cleaner

In the case of women, there is better air flow in the genital area because while it's normal for bacteria to develop in that area, much of which is not good.

3. It enhances fertility.

Such men as sperm-producing cells work best at temperatures slightly below that normally has in the body.

4. Healthy skin

Stop a lot of heat during the night to release melatonin, which regulates sleep and growth hormone, and fight aging in the body.

5. Help to get more restful sleep

In ambient temperature of 23 degrees usually County sleep, rest and so. Thus, sleeping naked help avoid that the body is too hot, it helps to have a better sleep and facilitate good awakening.

6. Combat abdominal fat

When a person sleeps poorly since, for example, measuring body temperature is too high, and you wake up with a high level of cortisol. This is the hormone many effects on the body, including appetite control, if high, you will have more cravings and overeating.

7. Reduces the risk of diabetes

Study published in the journal Diabetes to sleep in a cold room (not the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) reduces the risk of diabetes. Experiment conducted during the study showed that people who maintain a steady cool temperature during the break more stable blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

8. Improving circulation

Pajama pants elastic waist or ankles, sleeve cuffs or pleats in Nightgowns causing poor circulation of blood throughout the body. To prevent this, there's nothing like getting rid of pajamas.

9. To improve self esteem

The best strategy for people with self esteem problems because of his physique sleeping naked. This simple gesture helps to improve confidence and self esteem for us to see the body such that is every night when we go to sleep.

10. Improves your life Amorosa

Natasha Turner, published ntthrobeth American experts that sleep skin to skin when releases the hormone oxytocin, love, which makes a much better to wake up the next day, with a better mood, and also with more sexual desire, since oxytocin increases greatly wishes to exercise. This version of oxytocin to communicate with your partner sleeping skin and also produces lower blood pressure, improve bowel movement and also helps relieve stress.



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