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Benefits of Avocado for Beauty and Pregnancy

Avoocado fruit and leaves contain saponins and alkaloids walflavonoidat and tannins. Avocados also contain beta carotene and chlorophyll and vitamin E and vitamin b complex which is abundant in Avocados. Avocado is also rich in minerals, and are useful for regulating body functions and stimulate growth, fiber helps digestion at one time. -

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Benefits of Avocado for Beauty and Pregnancy

Avocado (Persea americana) is dark green tender skin uneven purple brown, depending on the variety. Avocado fruit is pale green flesh near the skin and pale yellow near the seed, with soft material. Now the fruit of avocado has popularity in foreign countries other than the fruit is soft and can be processed in the juice, avocado looks also has properties or benefits that are good for our bodies just to cure various diseases.

Taste that makes many people like it. Some people are afraid to consume them because they're higher content of fat. Is that right? Don't be afraid of the fat in the avocado similar to fat in olive oil is very healthy. Of fat contained in avocados are unsaturated fats that have a positive impact on the body. Avocado fat is also used in soaps and cosmetics.

Benefits of Avocado for Beauty and Pregnancy

Is this type of fat that contains fats monounsaturated oleic acid is a powerful antioxidant and one, by the way, easily digested and beneficial to the body. Thus, providing high avocado enough energy behind taste delicious, tasty and not bitter.

Unlike other fruits, avocado contains almost no starch but little sugar a lot of fiber. Take an adequate amount of vitamin e from avocado approx ½ km, the patient can consume around 1 kg. Avocado shelf life can be long enough for about 10 days at room temperature but if stored at low temperatures (c 40) up to 20 days.

Avocado fruit and leaves contain saponins and alkaloids walflavonoidat and tannins. Avocado leaves contain polyphenols, Christine, sugar alcohol. Avocados also contain beta carotene and chlorophyll and vitamin E and vitamin b complex which is abundant in Avocados.

If the nutrient content, split contained in avocado as follows: 95 mg phosphorus; 23 mg calcium; 1.4 milligrams iron; 9 mg sodium; 1.3 mg potassium; 8.6 mg niacin; 660 mg of vitamin a, 82 milligrams of vitamin c

In addition to high-fat, avocado is also rich in minerals, and are useful for regulating body functions and stimulate growth, fiber helps digestion at one time.

Below are some benefits that are owned by avocado:
  1. Benefits for pregnancy. Avocado natural source of folic acid, which is very important for the healthy development of the fetus. He recommends synthetic version of folic acid to all women who are planning to become pregnant, eat avocado delicious and simple and best choice.
  2. Dealing with dry skin. Crushed ripe avocado meat until like mush. The dough is then used for the mask, by rubbing dry on the face. Allow for about 2 hours, then rinse your face with cold water.
  3. Lowering cholesterol. Eat avocado cholesterol less known (or bad cholesterol). Not only that, avocado also help to increase the amount of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).
  4. Protect the health of the eye. Eat avocado can increase the amount of Tin, which will protect us from degeneration and cataract formation. More research is needed to determine exactly what exactly can help protect the eyes from the avocado.
  5. Blood pressure. Avocado fruit is known to help lower and control your blood pressure. This is because potassium contained in avocado.
  6. Controlling blood sugar. Avocado contains monounsaturated fat (saturated fat Mono) which help to overcome insulin resistance. In this way, the content also helps the body to control blood sugar levels.
  7. Protect against cancer. Studies conducted in animals fed avocado extract that avocados can also help prevent skin cancer, prostate cancer, and oral cancer. However, further studies in humans have not been and remains limited.
  8. Prevent infections. Research also shows that avocado also has plus favors, food that can help to prevent inflammation. This can be used to prevent the risk of disease associated with the appearance of inflammation in the body. A unique blend of avocado fruit such as vitamin c and e, carotenoids, selenium, zinc, phytosterols and Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent infections. This shows that avocados can help to prevent or reduce the risk of developing rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis.
  9. Increased body weight. Avocados healthy way to promote weight loss. Avocados contain enough calories and nutrients to help lift a lot of weight. If you are too skinny and want to gain weight, avocado one of your best friend.
  10. Nourish the skin and hair. Avocado oil is often used in cosmetics to moisturize the skin and make it glow. In addition, avocado also contains ingredients that can make hair healthy and beautiful. Vitamin e is found in avocado protects skin from the Sun's harmful rays.
  11. Can help to prevent stroke. High content of folic acid in the avocado is also useful to reduce the risk of stroke. People who eat foods containing high folate has proven to be less affected by stroke, than those that eat a few foods that contain folate.
  12. Treat thrush. Take a ripe avocado flesh, rake the fruit then give 2 tablespoons pure honey, stir well and then eaten. Do this daily until healed. This is a delicious way to treat thrush.

Benefits of avocado fruit for beauty

In addition to the health properties, also avocado to beauty treatments, such as facial hair and skin.
  1. Hair mask. Your hair looks dull and dry? Relax, you can moisturize again with the help of avocado. Mash the avocado and used as a mask for hair. Let stand one minute and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Face masks. Avocado can do wonders on your skin. How to use as a natural face mask. Mash the avocado and add 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and lemon juice teaspoon. Facial mask brush and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. To obtain maximum results, this treatment twice a week.
  3. Smooth skin. Avocado also contains a gallery of the quantity of vitamin e is beneficial to skin beauty. Trick combining branches 1/4 of the avocado with whole eggs 1, aoutmil 2 tbsp and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Combine and mix by hand. Let stand for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water and pat dry.

Those are some of the benefits of eating Avocados. This fruit is not only delicious and can be enjoyed in many forms, but it can also provide many essential nutrients to the body.

Seven women chic share products and treatments that keep them healthy and happy and beautiful during pregnancy. The avocado is effective to maintain the beauty of the skin to look moister. Moreover, pregnant women, the sensitive skin condition due to hormones. All-natural DIY beauty: avocado, banana facial mask in honor of pregnancy awareness month, we want to help moms everywhere to take some time out.

The depth of this treatment for dry hair is a great way to get rid of ripe avocado and banana. Fortunately, Jamal ditoksirs, we know he can get Omega-3 from your seeds and nuts, and algae (including seaweed), avocado. Pregnant women. You've mentioned the avocado for example, well, I have 5. Time, why not check out zero to 40: pregnancy calendar week written by yours truly

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Weight Loss Recipes and Tips with Tea

Slim body healthy and contains of course highly coveted by most women today. Gorgeous slim body could be the capital of the weaker sex to attract the opposite sex. It could also be the capital of a beautiful body slim woman become confident to find a job they want. Also with a slim body makes celebrities of capital to attract producers, to be part of the project soap operas or advertising model.

Although today many of the drugs are sold and circulated in the market to make a slim body but usually materials containing chemicals in the long run always has bad effects for its customers. Back to the traditional ingredients of the ancient people is a great solution to obtain the same results with no adverse effect on our bodies.

Weight Loss Recipes and Tips

Even today a lot of celebrities at home and abroad who use traditional ingredients to make their bodies beautiful, slim and pleasing to the eye.

More benefits for tea and lemon

Tea with lemon is a healthy drink nearly calorie-free, which makes it a perfect drink for a diet to lose weight. The same tea, especially green tea, may have some effect on weight loss, but don't count on it as your main strategy of slimming down. If you enjoy tea, lemon, merged into a weight loss plan that include calorie reduction diet and exercise.

Start with green tea

Drink water before meals helps fill you so you eat fewer calories, making it easier to lose weight. In a study of Dieter 48, those who drank about 2 cups of water before meals lost more weight than those who didn't, according to research published in the journal obesity in 2011.

But if the water is good, green tea might be better. All types of tea, green tea has some evidence of the potential benefits of weight loss in some people. In one study, people who drank at least 4 cups of green tea daily for 8 weeks 5 pounds more than those who drink the same amount of water. Weight gain is most likely due to the combination of caffeine and polyphenols in tea, which may increase metabolism and burn fat. Use this study, which was published in 2010 in the journal of the American College of nutrition, people who are obese, so he doesn't know if the green tea has the same effect in people with healthy weights or those who are overweight, but not obese.

Increase the effects of weight loss with lemon

Once I've brewed green tea, add a splash of lemon juice. Lemons, and other foods rich in vitamin c may increase the amount of beneficial polyphenols absorbs the body of tea, according to a Purdue University study published in the "international research food" in 2010. Stir in a little sugar or honey may increase the absorption of more, but be careful not to add too much because these localities can add a large number of calories for beverages otherwise empty calories. A tablespoon of lemon juice only 3 calories, all but a teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories per teaspoon of honey, 21 calories. Increased intake of vitamin c may be weight loss other benefits as well. People who consume more vitamin c tend to burn more body fat during exercise, according to an article published in the journal of the American College of nutrition in 2005.

If you're not a fan of lemon in your tea, there are plenty of other ways to use lemon juice. Click on a slice or two of fish or seafood and give the food more flavor or add lemon juice to your water or used to make salad dressing along with a little olive oil and Dijon mustard. A combination of garlic, olive oil, lemon and herbs or spices makes a delicious marinade for fish or chicken.

Skip the milk and cream

If you are trying to lose weight, you might want to skip the extra milk green tea. Although milk and cream among the more common plugins for tea, milk protein may limit any increase in metabolism from green tea, according to a study published in food in 2011.

On the other hand, adding milk to black tea OK. Another study found, published in free radical research in 2001, that milk does not affect absorption of polyphenols in black tea. All the studies were too small, so more research is necessary to ascertain the effects milk proteins on absorption of polyphenols in different types of tea.

Milk and cream also increase the number of calories in your tea, even if your cup of green tea fat burning effects slight, probably will be invalidated from excess calories.

Calorie reduction diet

Diet is one of the main factors that affect the amount of weight you lose. For every pound of weight you need to burn 3,500 extra calories by eating less, exercising more or both. You can do this by eliminating 500 calories a day from your diet, which will result in loss of 1 kg per week.

Together with pills, less processed foods, refined and sugary, less fatty. Get more calories from vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and lean protein foods to help lose weight, getting enough essential nutrients. Your plate is divided into quarters, with one section each for fruits and vegetables, grains and protein.
Don't forget to exercise

Add exercise to your daily routine makes it easier to lose weight. And aim for a total of 300 minutes of cardio and strength training sessions each week. Examples of cardio swimming, brisk walking and running, as well as aerobics or dance lessons.

You may get more benefits from exercise if you drink green tea daily. Study participants who drank beverages that contain green tea polyphenols lost more belly fat exercise compared with those who exercised but didn't drink tea, according to a study published in the journal of nutrition in 2009.

To get a slim body, beautiful and there is a traditional herb that contains the ingredients are easy to find, namely tea and lemon.

How to make natural herbs to slim the body and contains this was very easy. Take the tea leaves are pretty much and brewed with hot water so that a tea extract is thick and tastes somewhat bitter. Do not give sugar natural herb extracts of this tea but give lime juice. Drink natural herb tea and lime juice are each ½ cup in the morning and afternoon. It is recommended not too much to drink this potion but drink as needed. This potion taken daily routine and be accompanied by exercise such as jogging, cycling also morning exercise. Hopefully these tips useful for you.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Traditional Recipes: Natural Home Remedies for Dysentery

I'm sure you're a fruit commonly grown in the desert, especially the widely grown in Egypt and surrounding countries, namely Dates. Palm fruit has been hundreds of years ago, many known to the public in the countries of Europe, America Asia including Indonesia because it tastes sweet and sticky.

You would have never tasted a fruit that tastes delicious and has many properties to cure this disease. But did you know it was not just a date that tastes just delicious and able to cure the disease, date stones also able to cure dysentery.

Natural Home Remedies for Dysentery

Dysentery itself is a kind of disease from diarrhea accompanied by blood and mucus. Usually people affected by dysentery, stomach will feel nauseous and always wanted to pulp.

Dysentery if left untreated will lead to seriously decreased immune system; the body becomes weak from loss of fluids. And if allowed to continue will result in the death of the sufferer.

Now widely sold drug to treat dysentery in pharmacies. But before you take your medicine chemical-based traditional recipes you can try to cure dysentery by using palm fruit seeds. The trick is also very easy and does not cause negative effects on the patient's body.

To make potions dysentery with a date, you can read the traditional recipe to cure dysentery below.

Natural home remedies for dysentery

The following are some natural home remedies that are effective in treating dysentery

Arjuna: made from the bark of grass decoction provides relief from dysentery. This drink can be taken in doses of 15 to 30 grams. Cooling may bark effect. Arrests bleeding. It provides relief from fever.

Bell fruit: fruit Bill or Apple wood is a natural coolant which capture your intestines. Unripe or half-ripe fruit is good digestion. This fruit strengthens the stomach and promote their work.

One tablespoon of fruit pulp mixed with a sufficient quantity of this should be three times a day. In chronic cases, should be roasted 15 g fruit pulp of immature on fire. Mix 250 ml of water or milk to this pulp. Add this to sweeten an infusion. Drink this three times a day. 15 g pulp can be mixed with an equal amount of powdered ginger. Then can be mixed 250 ml milk. This patient drink three times a day.

Cilantro: make herbal decoction of two tablespoons of dried coriander seeds. This can be taken with water or milk. This helps in soothing the irritation bowel layer. Seeds of coriander also helps reduce mucus in stool.

Lemon peel: lemon slice and about three. Add about 250 ml of water and boil for a few minutes. Strain this leak. This infusion should be taken three times daily.

Banyan leaf buds: soak in water overnight. Drink this infusion in the morning for best results. Plant sprouts arrests bleeding or excretion.

Pomegranate rind: take about 60 g pomegranate Peel and boil 250 ml milk. Remove from the fire when the third evaporated milk. This should be in three equal doses at regular intervals. This will provide relief from dysentery.

Musk melon: sometimes may be accompanied by intestinal secretion wemosilaginos soft dysentery. May be some of the left part stuck inside. If this condition persists for a long time, may force the intestines contract.

In such cases the musk melon is very effective. The fruit has properties which expel this issue with feces.

Black nightshade black nightshade: correcting disordered feeding operations. That includes digestion and absorption and utilization and excretion of nutrients. And it restores the normal function of the system. It reduces pain and irritation. They also improve the appetite. Leaking from the plant is useful for dysentery.

Butea: gum, seeds and leaves of Butea medicinal properties. Leaves are effective in arresting the secretion and bleeding. Mild gum and useful for children and women in sensitive circumstances. Can you chew leaves as to treat the disease. Pumping will gum as an enema rectum immediate relief. Fresh juice of leaves can also be used to treat the disease.

Aishabgol: aishabgol is helpful in chronic dysentery. In the case of weight in the stomach and intestines, take about 50 ml castor oil. This should be taken with a glass of milk three times a day. This solid blocks output of stool. After a few applications to clear the intestines, take 10 g seeds of isabgol. Mix this with 100 grams of yoghurt and drink three to four times a day.

Polygon pumpkin seeds: seeds contain a chemical similar to amitini. This can be useful for chronic and acute amoebic dysentery. Take about fifteen grams of seeds with one cup of milk. Drink it twice a day for best results.

Onions: cut the onion into small pieces and mix with the yoghurt. Add equal parts of tree leaves Bebal tender and coriander leaves and sugar. This chew slowly.

Myroblan chibulic of the bowel
Myroblan chibolic: this is a mild and safe. It strengthens the stomach and promote their work. Correct feeding disordered processes, restore the normal function of the system. Take four grams of unripe fruit pulp. Add honey and cloves and cinnamon. To this mixture twice a day.

Curry leaves: Curry leaves strengthen the stomach and promote their work. Curry leaves tender mixed with honey is very effective for dysentery.

Dill: dill leaf helps in improving the functioning of the stomach and it also sooths the stomach. Take dill regularly helps in digestion and prevents constipation. The seeds of dill oil yield powerful carminative. Saute the seeds the seeds in margarine with the ring in equal amount. This will treat the bacillary dysentery. Mixed seed should be dried and roasted with sour milk or buttermilk for better results.

Henna: papers capture secretion or bleeding. Crop seeds Palmitic, linoleic fatty acids. The seed powder should be mixed with ghee. Make small balls size betel. This can also be taken with water.

Amla to intestines
Indian gooseberry fruit cooling and refreshing. It increases the size of the urethra. Syrup, made in Indian gooseberry, mixed with lemon juice and sugar candy controlling bacillary dysentery. One tablespoon of dough of leaves, mixed with honey or yogurt is also effective for treating this disease.

Cannabis: leaves in the reduction of pain and irritation. It increases the secretion and discharge. Arrests bleeding. Take two grams of dried leaves blended with sugar and black pepper to cure dysentery.

Indian biniort: correct feeding disordered processes and restore normal operation. It goes against inflammation. Leaves are effective in the early stages of dysentery in children. Take three or four leaves and add cumin and sugar. Make a paste of the mix. Apply this paste on navel to achieve better results.

Diet: at first, the patient fasts for as long as the present acute symptoms. Orange juice should be taken only water during this time. The patient can be replaced with milk as an alternative. Yogurt fights bacteria.

When the acute symptoms the patient can be taken over, curd rice and fresh ripe fruit and skim milk. Solid foods should be introduced gradually and carefully according to the pace of the recovery. You should avoid all types of foods. We must avoid tea and coffee, white sugar and white flour and alcohol in all its forms.

The patient must give small doses of castor oil in the emulsion. This is easily removed as soon as the issue of assault weapons. It also reduces pressure during defecation and Lisette abraded surfaces. Mechanical clearance should be accumulated toxic issue by giving low pressure enema. This can be done two or three times a day, give as much water as the patient can tolerate. You can apply a hot water bag on the abdomen.

Good info recipe to natural home remedies for dysentery is useful to you. Please read the other tips or traditional recipe to cure this disease just here.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bitter Melon (Gourd): Benefits for Health

Most people really do not like bitter melon. The bitter taste makes bitter melon not included in the list of favorite foods. However, most dieticians, health experts and doctors actually recommend taking bitter melon regularly. The reason, many health benefits contained therein.

There are various ways to consume bitter melon, ranging from making it to cook into a vegetable juice, or even add in soups and salads.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd or squash in some bitter, has a wealth of health benefits that can be derived by including in your diet. Some benefits of bitter melon is most famous is their ability to help manage diabetes, prevent and reduce cancer symptoms and reduce the effects of hemorrhoids, improve respiratory health, improve skin health and boost the immune system. Also has proven that bitter melon has anti inflammatory qualities and antifungal antibiotics, anti allergic, anti-retroviral drugs, parasites and expectorant. For these reasons and more, bitter melon is between a number of cultural cuisines across the world.

Watermelon actually member of the same family (Cucurbitaceae) Allegre, melon, gourd, which is why it has three distinct names, depending on where in the world you're eating this herbal vine. It is most commonly found in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean Sea, and its origins have been traced to the Indian subcontinent, and began to spread in more than 600 years.

Name and is one of the most bitter fruits available, which are some of the benefits of cooking. Ideally, the fruit is harvested before maturity, as it becomes increasingly bitter and long fruit, such as an option, so exterior warty, ridged. There are benefits of the fruit in the body, which has the consistency of choice or green peppers before maturity, when they become difficult and very bitter. If the fruit is allowed to ripen, highlighting the bright red pulp, which is also used in some cultures in these dishes.

Benefits of bitter melon

Although the fruit can be hard to find and harvest timing, it can be a delicious way to add other nutritious and healthy in your diet, and the health benefits it has is impressive. Major benefits, and are listed below:

Treating diabetes: a bitter melon fruits stronger for managing diabetes for several reasons. There are significant levels of charntin, insulin-like peptides, and alkalis in bitter melon fruit fleshy. All these ingredients actively affect blood sugar levels, which in the limit. It also helps prevent unpredictable rise and fall in insulin levels that regulate metabolism and use of sugar that the body has consumed food. As a powerful blood sugar, bitter melon cannot be used in conjunction with other medications that lower blood sugar, because it can cause really serious lack of blood sugar in the body!

Helps you lose weight: Bitter melon known to be rich in antioxidants, is very useful cleaning excess toxins from the body that causes the increase in weight. Eating bitter melon juice on a regular basis has been proven to effectively help in weight loss, to obtain a more slender body and healthier.

Preventing heart disease: Bitter melon help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, which often block the walls of the arteries and cause heart disease. So, eating regularly bitter melon good for disease-free survival and longevity

Hemorrhoid relief: a number of studies have shown that anti inflammatory qualities in bitter melon that ointment is very good for an uncomfortable situation of piles, also known as hemorrhoids. When you create a paste of the root of a plant bitter melon, you can apply topically to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and bleeding. If you drink bitter melon juice, you may also receive similar benefits, if you can handle the taste!

Reduce constipation: For people who suffer from stomach problems or have a mild problem persists in the intestinal digestion, bitter melon should be included in their diet. The fiber helps digest food and help overcome constipation

Sharpen vision: Bitter melon contains beta carotene which is very useful to reduce eye infections, also sharpen vision.

Immune health: bitter melon is the source of a lot of different antioxidants that make it a powerful defense mechanism against disease in the body. Clears the antioxidants the body of free radicals, dangerous compounds released during cell metabolism that can cause any number of different diseases. Add the bitter melon into your diet, you can greatly improve your chances of defense against serious illnesses, including heart attacks and kidney damage, liver failure; three of the many places where free radicals such as causing health issues.

Reduce Acne: Bitter melon very well to cleanse and detoxify the blood. Including reducing acne and cleanse the body from within. It also may help eliminate skin and blood infections such as boils, scabies, fungal diseases, and the like.

Cancer prevention: may help antioxidants present in bitter melon to find and destroy free radicals that can cause diseases (including many forms of cancer), but that's not the only benefit the fruit with regard to cancer. Bitter melon studied extensively as an anti-tumor and cancer itself, along with the natural impulse to numbers of antioxidants in the body. In the first place, studies have shown the positive correlation between eating bitter melon and prevent or reduce tumor growth of cancer of the cervix, prostate, and breast cancer patients. Some of this is because this fruit ability fast coder (cell death) in tumor cells. However, further studies all the time to find out more about the strong anti-cancer properties that this humble fruit seems to have, and other types of cancer patients who could benefits

Bitter melon respiratory conditions: there have been a number of studies that showed the bitter melon as a way to get relief from respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, hay fever (rhinitis). It's anti-histamine, suppressor, anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties, and antivirals booster is ideal for respiratory health. It is recommended to eat some bitter melon before going to bed, soothing effects occur while you're asleep!

Fungal diseases: bitter melon recipes antifungal and antibacterial make it ideal to combat various fungal infections, and also helps to rid the bloodstream of those toxins before they can do any more damage. Specifically, in terms of injuries and skin health, bitter melon was useful in treating fungus, psoriasis. Moreover, anti inflammatory qualities reduce irritating itching associated with skin diseases and infections. The juice can be extracted from the leaves the best ointment or treatment for these conditions, applied topically on the affected areas.

A few words of caution: the chemicals in bitter melon ware is strong, but should be respected as well. Pregnant women should not consume bitter melon, because it can induce excessive menstruation, you must still do more research on bitter melon consumption while breastfeeding, so now, it's best to avoid it. Also, as mentioned above, working hard to lower blood sugar levels, which can become dangerous, especially in the period before and after surgery.

Finally, some people are especially sensitive to bitter melon disempowering deficiency, which can cause. These symptoms are similar to anemia, and also include headache, fever and stomach pain. This fruit is very strong, and it is highly recommended that you talk with your doctor or physician before adding it to your diet.

It's good, forget for a moment the bitter taste of bitter melon and enter this excellent vegetable in your diet. Not only offers health benefits, bitter melon also helps acquire beautiful hair and skin.

Eating bitter melon can give your skin clean and shine-free infection and acne, and really very helpful against hair loss, dry and itchy scalp, and even gray hair.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Tips on How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Miss V or vagina for women is a vital organ that is very valuable to serve her husband. With diligent and regular maintenance will keep the vagina healthy and fragrant. Has a vital organ that odor is certainly very undesirable by women because it will disrupt household harmony.

Cleanliness and health of the vagina should be maintained to avoid the husband turn to another woman. To have a sweet-smelling vaginal many women are willing to do a variety of ways from traditional treatments to treatments in beauty salons at a great price of course.

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

A natural condition in Indonesia which has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season actually has a lot of plants believed to cure various diseases or for the treatment of natural beauty.

Embarrassed by vaginal odor
Have you ever noticed a bad smell?

Vagina scent for women who heard the vaginal odor, you probably know how terrible the experience can be. Vaginal odor usually arises from inflammation of the vaginal area. It can be caused by poor hygiene or a form of bacterial infection. Every girl has a distinctive smell of the vagina varies depending on the period. However, this should not be confused with the smell of the vagina, which can be a really bad experience for any woman. I'm going to share a personal story of my experience with vaginal odor, how to get rid of vaginal odor.

I personally, a shy woman, when I noticed some smelly first of my vaginal, presumably had intervals, though all she'll be fine in a few days. I thought it was something that could disappear altogether, with improved hygiene. Remember that taking more time in my bathroom with the hope that the smell can just vanish away.

My relationship with my husband seems to be getting worse.

Married my husband and am very loving but like most women, I didn't want him to notice the smell. Upon the passage of days and smell still, got a bit concerned thought had been hurt. I remember too wash my vagina area, but the situation is getting worse. I remember my husband asks, I lied I had periods.

Looking for the perfect solution

Search for solutions on the Internet and find many products that promise to solve my problem in days. Changing my life was slowly and could not move frequently. Sometimes you can get intense smell and can people start around holding their noses. I did't know what the reason is. He was so desperate and willing to any product could cure my condition. I remember buying some expensive products on the Internet and use them for weeks without success. No product has literally tried to completely cure promised me and restore me in my regular life. Things started with my humble opinion that is getting worse.

Solutions I can understand him, but apparently he didn't understand my situation. He can actually avoid me and stay out late with his friends in almost every day. I had no one to share my problems with. I'm a shy woman and can imagine the embarrassment I went through when your friends walk away from you without saying.

I couldn't even go to work since my staff who may not hold up in front of me. All excuses to stay home, even during the days of work I created. I knew this was not going to last, but when I'm almost giving up, I came to some websites showing that my only Savior.

Tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor

Can lead to vaginal odor from a variety of causes, including bacterial and yeast infections and hormonal changes, poor hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases. Whatever the reason, it's an embarrassing problem intolerable and can be flushed away and esteem for women.

Maintain hygiene

Proper cleansing of the genital area helps to inhibit bacterial growth. Wash your vagina three or four times daily with a clean cloth dabbed with mild soap. Avoid scrubbing hard as this may cause irritation. After washing, rinse the area with warm water and dry with a clean towel. Change of underwear and towels regularly as these may harbor odor-causing bacteria.

Proper diet

Diet lots of fruits like these play a major role in improving the immune system to deal with vaginal pathogens that bring about odors. In General, a balanced diet helps keep your immune system in good working condition, helps to eliminate bacterial vaginosis. Avoid alcohol and sugary foods and starches because they promote the growth of yeast in the vagina. You should also drink plenty of water as it helps eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria.

Avoid tight clothes and tight fitting

Wearing tight clothing creates warm and moist conditions conducive to the spread of bacteria. Somewhat loose cotton panties instead of synthetic fabric, as well as breathable clothing help to ventilate the vaginal area and eliminate bacteria.
Wash and/or urinate after sex

Some produce secretions during sexual intercourse to promote the growth of microorganisms in the vagina. We must therefore take a quick shower after sex. In addition, urinating after sex helps to eliminate additional secretions within. Use protection during sex reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and other microorganisms passing opportunities from your partner's genitals.

Some natural remedies

There are many natural remedies natural remedies for vaginal odor. These include garlic, tea tree oil, apples and rice vinegar and yeast. These are used better by adding to the bath water, but some can also work when ingested. The main working method through the antiseptic properties that help to kill bacteria and yeast responsible for vaginal odors.

Visit the doctor

If you fail all the above efforts and your vagina smell takes a turn for the worse or more symptoms manifest themselves, it may be time to seek professional medical advice. If it is accompanied by smelling vaginal discharge and itching, and can be a sign of sexually transmitted diseases, and that might take over the counter medication

One is a potent plant to make the vagina becomes fragrant. Namely the basil plant. One part of the plant leaves of basil that is usually used for fresh vegetables or recipes typical of Java. In addition basil leaves can also be made to a natural herb scent vagina. How to make a natural herb scent vagina read the following tips:

  • Basil leaves
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Salt


Then squeeze crushed basil leaves and take the juice. Enter honey and a pinch of salt and stir until smooth. Drink this concoction every day, done regularly for 1 month. After 1 month do stage 2 by drinking this concoction twice a week. After approximately 1 month following look at the results, then your vagina will be more fragrant than ever.

Good luck hopefully tips to make vaginal natural fragrance are beneficial to readers of this blog. Please read the other tips on this blog only.

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Most Effective Natural Breast Cancer Treatments

Have you ever wondered how effective natural breast cancer treatments can be?

About 20 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is crazy for my family at the time because my mother was a teacher and swimming coach and sports has always been considered to be "healthy".

After her diagnosis, I took the advice of her tumors in Cleveland hospital and underwent a mastectomy followed by several rounds of chemotherapy. I can still remember seeing mom's hair fall out and think they've aged 10 years in a few weeks after chemotherapy.

The Most Effective Natural Breast Cancer Treatments

Thankfully, after all her treatments, she was diagnosed as "cancer-free". But for the next several years, she was sicker than she ever had in her life and struggled with constipation, Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

Then, almost nine years after the initial diagnosis, something terrible happened: she was diagnosed with cancer again. At that point, I have experience in the natural health field work, even when he arrived home, we prayed together and talked about the best health care strategy. She decided to continue the natural cancer therapy focusing on change of diet and lifestyle.

Mom started after all-natural plan which included probiotic vegetarian times and immune boosting supplements and stress reducing techniques and prayer. After just four months, tumors in her lungs had shrunk considerably, and after one year, she was diagnosed again as "cancer-free". It has now been 10 years and my mother recently turned 60 years – and are in the best shape of her life, regularly water skiing, respectively, and still going strong.

I want to be clear: I am not claiming that what we have done with my mother's cancer treatment. But I think these natural remedies, either used alone or in combination with traditional medical treatments, and may support the body in the healing process.

I often asked, "what exactly is your mother?" here are the natural cancer treatments and strategies that you continue to heal her body.

The most effective natural cancer treatments

Curing Breast Cancer with Natural Recipes. Choose a lifestyle and a good diet for health is very important. As a woman vulnerable to attack breast cancer, I had a way out of food choices to reduce the risk.


Sulforaphane in broccoli compound reduced the number of breast cancer cells stem (causing the cancer will spread and repetition) in rats, according to research from the University of Michigan. Eating Broccoli may not deliver sulforaphane enough to achieve the same purpose, but for most you can eat your broccoli raw or briefly steamed or stir fry green florets.

The content of sulforaphane in it to help fight the disease with enzyme improved body armor to minimize all the cancer cells develop in the body.

Peach and Plum

Researchers at Texas A&M recently that the peach and plum antioxidant levels to rival berries kelp and it contains two kinds of polyphenols (antioxidants) which might help to kill breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. This is good news, as 180,000 new cases are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and traditional treatments often harming healthy cells. – Kerry kinings, m.s., r.d., Assistant Editor of nutrition.


Food grains this kind is a high source of fiber, can help protect the body's blood sugar in a sustainable manner, also reduce levels of estrogen called a potential trigger for cancer.

Recent research suggests that in the journal nutrition and cancer nuts might frustrate the growth of breast cancer. In a study of the Faculty of medicine at Marshall University in West Virginia, replacing researchers equivalent of two ounces of walnuts per day in the diet for one group of mice were fed a diet; the other group kalorikali tied, but free of walnut. After 34 days, the rate of growth of tumors in half nut eaters who ate mice no nut. Experts think the nut anti-inflammatory properties-that can come from Omega-3 fat acid alpha-linolenic acid, phytosterols or antioxidants – give them their potential to fight the tumor. One caveat: dose study two ounces 370 calories supply. the nut can be part a healthy diet can reduce the risk of cancer, says researcher Elaine Hardman, PhD, Wright Brierly, m.s., r.d. nutrition Editor.

Fish oil

Omega-3 fats in fish oil can help reduce inflammation, and lowers the risk of ductal carcinoma, a type of breast cancer that most commonly affects women. You can also regularly eat salmon that have the same content preferably from fish oil.


Drinking coffee 12-ounce about two per day may reduce the risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer, says a study may 2011 in breast cancer research. "One possibility is that the antioxidants in coffee protect cells from damage that can lead to cancer," says study author gingmi me, doctor more research is needed, so does your consumption based on these results just yet.


An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Yes, it's true expression there. Is a high source of vitamin C, especially skin that contain fiber are also antioxidants.

Champignon (Agaricus bisporus)

With daily consumption of this type of fungus can reduce 60% the risk of contracting breast cancer. This is because the fungus can detect all cancer cells to kill tumor tissue in your body by preventing estrogen produces an enzyme called aromatase to trigger cancer.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Amazing Tips for Naturally Removing Bad Cholesterol and High Blood

Cholesterol is a fat present in the blood vessels. This fat is divided into two characters, the evil and the good. Bad cholesterol can lead to several health problems, including heart attack and stroke.

Similarly, high blood pressure, which can lead to sudden death. Moreover, the pattern of life almost instantaneous and fast, making nasty accumulates cholesterol, and high blood pressure is not monitored.

Removing Bad Cholesterol and High Blood

Therefore, we must be able to manage your diet and diligent exercise. However, if hard to run, you can eat most foods that can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.

But if you want the results are quite short and efficient, could make one of these herbs, which can be proven to lower cholesterol and high blood only evil in one week.

The content of this recipe can't be doubted, there is garlic which can be proved in a scientific way potent cure various diseases and cleanse the blood. There's a lemon, which proved to contain very much avail. Similarly, ginger and apple vinegar, coupled with honey.

To do that, prepare a clove of garlic, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one segment of fresh grated ginger, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of natural honey.

To make that mix all these ingredients, and put it in a cupboard ice, if there are still remaining. Consumption of time before breakfast and dinner, so in one week you can check with your doctor blood pressure and cholesterol. And everything would be normal again.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Benefits of Orgasm For Women

Benefits of Orgasm For Women. Although many women difficult to achieve, orgasm gives benefits to the body. The point of climax during intercourse was able to influence the stimulation of the brain to the body.

Doctor neuroscientist Barry Komisaruk, of Rutgers University, conducted a study of orgasm in about 200 women. He analyzed brain imaging while the respondents having an orgasm. He studied the relationship between orgasms with a working brain.


Basically, orgasm is the point of climax during intercourse, which deals with the psychological and nervous man.

From the results of the study, he concluded a number of the following:
  • An orgasm can reduce pain by 50 percent.
  • The female orgasm increases the sensitivity to stimuli
  • The brain becomes super active during orgasm. At the same time, the brain receives a message from the four pairs of nerves that hypogastric, vagus, pudendal, and pelvis.
  • Orgasm triggers the production of dopamine and oxytocin to stimulate uterine contractions. This condition is more nimble fishing sperm from reaching the eggs
  • Orgasm causes sweating and the heart beat faster.

Orgasm in women also believed to have a positive effect on skin beauty. Orgasm as a natural way of preventing premature aging was then known as 'sexercise'.

If the body to reach peak enjoyment can reduce wrinkles. Substances endorphins produced during orgasm stimulate cell system triggers wrinkles on the face. Increased endorphin substances also can make the hair shine and skin smooth.

The newspaper "The Guardian", a health expert, Dr. Melissa Sayer said, orgasm can indeed create positive energy within themselves that affect fitness.

Orgasm affects you.

After reading this list, you will be less likely to head to the pill cabinets and more likely to approach the person next to you in bed to relieve a host of diseases, such as pains, pain, disease and stress.

The sensation of orgasm is one of the greatest senses our bodies can experience.

Women believed to have up to 11 different types of orgasm, which may vary in intensity from a mild and delicate feel to an intense and explosive rush of sensations, depending on how our body and mind feeling at that time, and also how we feel about the person we are dealing with.

Achieving orgasm can have a number of health benefits that affect us physically and emotionally — due to chemical changes that take place inside our body.

During orgasm a release of hormones like oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine and endorphins are secreted that have strong mood enhancement and healing effects, benefiting us physically.

In case you need more reasons to enjoy a full blown orgasm, here are some amazing health benefits of orgasm.

1. keeps you looking younger.

As we age, testosterone levels decrease, however, 1-on-1 regular sex releases a variety of chemicals, containing testosterone. The hormones released include DHEA (Dehyrdoepiandrosterone), which restores the skin, repairs damaged tissue keeping skin looking plump and youthful. It also helps to keep bones and muscles healthy.

2. relieves pain.

As we orgasm, chemicals known as endorphins are released that are natural pain relievers, relieve headaches, stomach pains and even arthritis. Orgasms are believed to reduce the pain until 70%. Inflammation and swelling is also known to decrease.

Oxytocin, a peptide containing nine amino acids also dulls the pain, creates a sense of well-being and acts as a natural painkiller.

3. reduces stress and depression.

The hormone oxytocin is a powerful anxiolytic and is a natural antidote to stress hormones in the body.

When the body culminates the amygdala, which is the part of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety, is blocked which helps to produce a healthy mental well-being. Now, it may be indicative of a happy and healthy relationship, which also enhances the feel good factor 1-on-1 regular sex and orgasms.

4. increase your memory.

During the climax, blood circulation is increased, which transports nutrients and oxygen in the hypothalamus, which is the center of the brain for memory and learning, keeping the brain alert.

5. Assists sleep

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone and endorphins released during sex that induces a calming effect, which allows the body to relax and let the tension by lowering blood pressure. This reinforces the comfortable and sleep more deeply.

6. make you prettier.

With the influx of pheromones emitted during orgasm and release endorphins, which makes your cheeks flush skin looks smoother and shinier hair. We radiate twilight intercourse normal function that can last for days.

7. protect us from colds and flu.

Due to the release of antibodies, in particular antibody, they naturally enhance and increase our immune system, we are less prone to colds and flu, such as strengthening our body's defenses against the disease.

8. reduce appetite/stop cravings for junk food.

Serotonin is released on giving us a sense of tranquility and luxury, in turn, reduces the desire to eat junk food. It increases the secretion of oxytocin levels of CCK, which helps control the appetite and reduces cortisol levels which causes inflammation, and strengthen and increase belly fat carbohydrate carvings are known.

Release of dopamine, which increases by an earthquake, as it reduces our appetite, making us less likely to snack between meals. Sex vinitilamini production runs, a natural stimulant that helps regulate our appetite.

9. burns calories.

Heart rate increases also burn more calories. While the orgasm itself Burns only about three calories, leading to burning more. Half an hour of active sex can burn about 150 calories.

In addition, he is a teacher of muscles throughout the body in the process.

10-ditoxis your body.

Due to sweating during sex we are naturally expel poisons us increased blood flow. Sweating causes total lymphatic massage and also skin oils releases.

11. it strengthens our sense of smell.

After the peak body releases a hormone known as prolactin, causing a brain stem growth of new neurons in the olfactory bulb, where they form the smell. This in turn increases their sense of smell.

12. hormone increases the bonding and love.

Oxytocin released during orgasms facilitate social bonding, intimacy and attachment bring two people closer when experiencing sexual pleasure together.

So often we orgasm, the more health benefits you receive.

If we have fun, and use our hands or with a vibrator or be in a sexual relationship, any way, achieving orgasm can increase our overall physical health, appearance and well being.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman. Women always have problems associated with beauty. One is the weight. If a woman has excess weight it is no wonder if he will do everything possible to lose weight is.

And one way that is often done by women to get the ideal body weight women usually are dieting. Not only diet but also exercise regularly. It is indeed very nice done. Especially if done in the proper manner.

5 How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight a Woman

How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight in Women

1. Tests on mirror

The mirror can be used to assess whether you are getting fatter or not. If what you see in the mirror your body looks fatten. Most likely you do have weight gain.

2. Tests by pinching

This may sound funny. But it is true. You can pinch around your stomach or your arm. Because the fat is usually gathered around the abdomen and hand. Normally fat thickness of about 1.0 to 2.5 cm.

Less than that means you are too skinny. And more than that means you are too fat and not get the ideal body weight real women.

3. Test by leaping

You can do this with an easy way. Jump in place. If, after jumping to shake your body as it means that there are still a lot of fat in the body.

4. Other Ways to Calculate Ideal Weight

If you want to lose weight, then you can follow the following recommendations because so many have succeeded and usually helps lower the 1 -3 kg / week. How to? You can calculate your weight types including whether ideal or not. The trick is:

(Height-100) - 10% (height-100)

For example:

= (160-100) - 10% (160-100)
= 60-6
= 54

That means your ideal weight is 54 kg. The way of calculating ideal body weight is usually taken as the average. It means that not every person who has a height of 160m will have an ideal body weight of about 54 kg. Due to the size and shape of bones and fat in each person a different course.

5. Calculate your ideal weight by measuring waist circumference

If a person becomes obese usually he will experience a buildup of fat around the waist. Then you should try to measure your waist circumference. Usually the ideal waist circumference in women is 80cm.

Benchmark in calculating the ideal weight that women can use to measure your own body weight. Do you still overweight or too thin.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Uses and Effects of Soursop

Uses and effects of Soursop

Uses of Soursop the effects of Soursop on the body, not exactly understood well. However, most astonishing fact that extracts Soursop can kill many types of cancer cells such as breast cancer cells and liver. And not only that fruit is also used as a cure for many diseases.

Rainforest in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia are known for this priceless natural reserves. Used the bark, roots and fruits and leaves of this plant for ages by many people for home remedies. The secret behind all this is the active ingredient in a compound known as acetogenins anonasios.

Uses and Effects of Soursop

Graviola hunts down and kills lung, breast, prostate, pancreatic and colon cancer, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The first modern study of graviola with NCI in 1976, and found that the stems and leaves have been effective at destroying malignant cells. Since then, a number of promising cancer studies regarding graviola.

However, it was not mined for use on cancer patients; haven't conducted double-blind clinical trials until after. Yet it has proven effects of graviola in destroying cancer cells in the lab in lab tests at least 20. Recent research revealed in South Korea that the two compounds extracted from the graviola seeds sitotoksisiti activity detected ' a la carte ', akin to adriamisin.

Soursop amazing and versatile medical trees, with almost all its parts after great uses in herbal medicine. Fruit juice is effective in destroying all types of intestinal parasites. You can also increase the mother's milk when nursing, help treat diarrhea, reduce fever.

Medical Soursop is used to improve or to treat diseases ranging from Dermatology to parasitic worms. Seed pesticide properties have known bugs in General, as well as vomiting, which can be used to induce vomiting. Plant decoction proved the effectiveness of bed bugs and lice. He is considered as a cure for coughs, fever, diarrhea, dyspepsia, gallbladder problems and dysentery.

Fresh leaves applied mashed on the rash to speed healing. When fasting, he thinks cider for ease of leprosy and liver disease. And consumed the juice as cure hematuria and urethritis and liver problems. The root bark can be used as an antidote for poisoning.

As far as nutritional value, Soursop is very rich in nutrients, carbohydrates and micronutrients in the first place. Nemesis is vitamin c, natural and powerful antioxidants that can slow down the aging process and improve the immune system. The fruit of a somewhat useful article levy also promote healthy digestive, bowel regularity and helps reduce cholesterol. It's also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, as well as phosphorus and potassium and iron.

Effects of Soursop is not only limited to its anticancer; it also serves as a natural anti depressant, anti stress, nerveen, anti spasmodic and vermifuge. There are many studies that support the guanabana relaxing effect on the vascular system, based on their effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure.

Medicinal uses and cooking from Soursop

Goisisorsob Soursop not only medical but also cooking. There are many creative methods for cooking Soursop. Often sold in local markets, one can find different ways to eat graviola. White meat are often treated to ice cream or sherbet. Caribbean Sea, white meat is used when making a drink, Soursop drink milky white. Sweet varieties of this fruit sweets cooked or eaten raw. Currently, Soursop is marketed ice cream under the label 'guanabana' in South America, and is found in many supermarkets.

Apart from cooking the meat Soursop, there are other ways to eat guanabana. Canned pureed pulp can be blended or at home, easily made a delicious desert, although the new one is more favourable. The fruits are cooked are usually immature. Though it tastes bitter, it's sweet to health: can be eaten less fever and combat intestinal parasites and diarrhea stops. To speed up the healing process, you can apply a poultice flesh injuries for three days.

Besides, there are many uses for Soursop papers. Different properties of leaves is known, treatment of diseases such as liver problems, arthritis, intestinal colic, dysentery, edema, abscess, bronchitis and diarrhoea, according to many anecdotal reports. Graviola used bitter leaf tea in treating insomnia hypo/hypertension, diabetes and seizures. In addition, anti spasmodic and soothing uses.

You can also make bombarded graviola oil aunribinid fruit and leaves and combine then with olive oil. Oil can be alleviated, when applied topically, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, sores, rashes and other skin disorders. Can be used mashed papers poultice for skin problems. It is known as a treatment for cough and fever, indigestion and bitterness, as well as bed bugs and lice, head of the decoction of leaves or young shoots.

There are a variety of ways that can answer the question of how to use Soursop. It can be dried up seeds and used as a pesticide against pests of head lice, internal and external parasites. It also has characteristics of vomiting, which may help in inducing vomiting. And he thinks that helping people diabetes antidote to root poisoning and may act as a narcotic. And thought to relieve catarrh flowers.

Bristlecone miracle, many traditional uses Soursop checked the research, as well as incredible properties were discovered. Natural health practitioners use graviola leaf and bark for many treatments, especially nerveen, anti-spasm, as a tonic for the heart and bacterial nature such as coughs and the flu. The therapeutic dose is to have 3 to 4 grams a day of bark and/or, in some cases, using standard pump with dose one Cup three times per day.

Uses and Effects of Soursop

What are the side effects of Soursop?

Soursop fruit tree

Anyone interested in using this herb should take time to check the common side effects Soursop to which they may be subjected. Side effects are an integral part of herbal medicines, after all – so you could argue that all medicines.

According to the 2002 Journal titled "movement disorders", there may be a connection between the high rate of West Indians suffer from Parkinson's and movement disorders type consumption rates unusually high of Soursop. However, the study did not use on humans, but only cultured neurons, where he is being questioned so far. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center warns that a great deal of human research is important because the medical community to inform the public about the benefits and side effects Soursop.

One of the main problems with guanabana is possible interactions with other medications you may be taking. For example, the possible interaction with antidepressants. Conditions relating to neurological function such as Parkinson's disease may worsen while taking high doses of supplements Soursop. Be sure to check with your doctor before you take graviola.

People who suffer from heart disorders, or those who are taking antihypertensive drugs and you should refrain from eating Soursop. While the main side effect that can lower blood pressure levels, may cause drug interaction if you are taking medication for high blood pressure. Living with low blood pressure levels should think twice before taking this herb as a result.

You can use Soursop vomiting. A large dose of Soursop juice can make some people throw. Nausea and vomiting may occur if the person has a sensitive stomach. Other cautions include taking graviola affects pregnancy. Graviola can stimulate the uterus, and may cause premature uterine contractions.

Just like other herbal remedies, always consult your doctor before taking it. Each person is unique and can interact with food and herbs in a different way. Equally cautious if you are pregnant or nursing. These side effects usually manifest when there is excessive consumption or overdose of grass Soursop. There is no optimal dose as of today, but most people find 500 to 600 mg capsule Soursop daily enough to maintain health. Many people were able to respond to this herb without too many problems in the end.

Overview of Herbal Treatment | Benefits and Ingredients Soursop

What is Soursop?

Soursop fruits and vegetables could be a major weapon against many types of diseases, something acknowledged naturopaths for centuries. Many studies support this fact. The research also revealed that the consumption of small and moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables can lead to a marked improvement in the health of an individual. One of the most popular medicinal plants is Soursop or graviola. But what is Soursop?

Soursop (Annona muricata) is a small tree, with large dark green leaves of tropical. It carries a big fruit, heart-shaped yellow-green in color with white meat inside. The factory of indigenous peoples in most warm areas in North and South America, including the Amazon. The fruit is usually sold in local markets, where it is called the graviola in Brazil gwanabana in most Spanish-speaking countries.

Overview of Herbal Treatment | Benefits and Ingredients Soursop

There are many things you can do with Soursop. You can make juices, ice cream and smoothies with creamy white flesh. Leaves and tree bark are also strong, herbal medicines are often taken in tea infusion.

Almost all parts of the Soursop tree, including leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, fruit and bark, used by indigenous Indians and herbs for centuries to treat asthma, heart disease, arthritis and liver problems. But the most surprising revelation is probably the anti-cancer effects supposed Soursop due to natural component, asitoginin.

The study revealed South Korea graviola selectively target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unscathed. Unlike chemical drugs aimed at random any activity clone cells like hair cells, may Soursop any significant side effects. Moreover, Purdue University recently discovered that the bark of the tree and the leaves can kill cancer cells in six human cell lines. It is particularly effective against cancer of the pancreas, lung and prostate.

What is Soursop and why that famous? This fruit is known throughout the world as the white pulp and delicious taste of attractive sub acid. These characteristics make this fruit unique and give it a high potential commercialization. Graviola can be found in many markets, although it is rarely sold fresh because of its short shelf life.

With growing popularity as an antagonist for natural cancer, Soursop now in many different forms – such as powdered juice, Supplement, extract, and many others. There are many places to buy gwanabana products; it's available for sale online.

For help on where to buy graviola, it is better to understand the pros and cons of buying local produce on the Internet. The Internet lets you find a number of places to buy fresh fruit Soursop. You can even compare vendors to determine which one will suit your liking. On the one hand, and will come with fresh products from local farmers. On the other hand, may find it difficult to access based on your location. You have to weigh the pros and cons for you.

Recently, graviola extract sold become widespread as a supplement with claims many benefits. Often in the form of tincture or powder. Most of the products used graviola leaf and bark has asitoginin most of these parts, but when buying supplements, be sure to deal with reliable manufacturers because there are a lot of fake herbal products sold, especially on the Internet.

Overview of Herbal Treatment | Benefits and Ingredients Soursop

Benefits and Ingredients Fruit Soursop

1. Treating Infant Diarrhea (diarrhea).
Prepare the soursop fruit is ripe, then squeezed and filtered to take water. Drinks in infant diarrhea as much as 2-3 tablespoons.

2. Treat Piles.
Squeeze the soursop fruit is ripe, take 1 cup water, drink 2 times a day, morning and evening.

3. Treating Urinary Tract Infection.
Prepare a half-ripe soursop fruit and sugar to taste. Soursop peeled and boiled with sugar along with as much as 2 cups water, filtered and drunk.

4. Pain Bladder Urine.
Prepare a half-ripe soursop fruit, sugar and salt to taste. Cook all the ingredients into a compote. Eaten plain, and made it a routine every day for 1 week in a row.

5. Treating Liver Diseases.
Fortunately treat your liver then other fast food meals. You only need to drink soursop juice for 1 week as a meal replacement.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

7 Plants That Purify Indoor Air

There is a wide range of toxic chemicals lurking in your home, while you can take steps to minimize them, one of the most prevalent chemicals in your House is not easy to get rid of. May cause cancer in humans, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound that emits at low levels of a variety of home building products, and furniture, and has been known to trigger asthma attacks and allergies when present at high levels. Shared component of glue that holds pressure on wood or Particleboard furniture and cabinets together, it also emits natural gas stoves, carpets, flooring adhesive glue, dams, paints, furniture finishes, water-and stain-repellent applied to upholstery and clothing.

Plants That Purify Indoor Air

Although government regulations have reduced the amount of formaldehyde used in insulation, Particleboard furniture makes a huge number of possible formaldehyde emitters around the home average difficult chemical to avoid. Good news: you have a cheap, easy, green tool at your disposal to help get rid of it. Add these seven houseplants that NASA scientists discovered formaldehyde removal instructions and Air Purifier for your home for a more secure and cleaner.

1. Boston fern

Boston fern remove formaldehyde more than any other plant. As they are highly efficient in removing other pollutants in indoor air, such as benzene, xylene - exhaust components that can be migrated at home if you have an attached garage. The downside of these plants it can be difficult. You need to feed them weekly in seasons when they're growing every month during the winter, and they like to be watered regularly. Depending on the moisture and humidity levels in your home, you may need to water or mist leaves them daily.

2. Palm

Palm trees look good especially in removing indoor air pollutants, specifically formaldehyde and they are relatively easy to care for. The best in removing formaldehyde dwarf Palm, closest to where the appearance of Palm trees that remind you of warmer climates, but you'll also get clean air with Palm Areca Palm, bamboo, Lady Palm or parlor Palm. Palm trees like cooler temperatures, preferably within 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. The Rubber plants and Janet craigs

If you've got a dim office is just screaming for clean air and a little touch of nature, try a rubber plant or Janet Craig. Both tolerate very little Sun though they may grow more slowly – and is at the top of the list for formaldehyde, removers especially important in offices where most furniture made of honey held together with glue based on formaldehyde. Craigs Janet tolerate more abuse and neglect of rubber trees, but rubber is a little more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Golden Pothos

Although no top removers formaldehyde, this plant is a tough one to kill. He tolerates a lot of neglect, is tolerant when watered, and is relatively effective in removing many air pollutants, and she's a great writer houseplant for people without much experience gardening. And sold Golden often mistakenly Pothos philodendrons, relevant plants are equally good at removing formaldehyde almost tolerant houseplant bidding newbiw.

5. The boom of air purifiers

Florists' Mum and Gerbera Daisies are best at removing formaldehyde, with Lily isn't far behind. However, nothing worth having comes easy these flowering plants need watering more careful feeing and prefer cool temperatures below 65 °. If you're really dedicated gardener, you can try rooting new azalea plants in a garden container outside this season and move from their homes in the fall, because it can generate azaleas flower all winter, great at removing formaldehyde, and should not be tossed out when fall flowers.

6. English Ivy

Grown in the open, English Ivy is an invasive species which can damage the exterior of your House and tearing your gutters, but make it inside, it becomes effective formaldehyde remover. Thanks to its ability to climb structures, it is easy to grow and use as a trimmer accessories in your living quarters. English Ivy loves the Sun part and part shade, where it's good to try at home and not temperamental Fern Boston. Sometimes watering and misting during the winter will stay healthy.

7. Peace Lily

One of the few House will flourish indoors, "Peace Lily" with spathes shaped like a seashell will really bring a touch of summer in the winter is depressing. One of the best plants for removing formaldehyde, it also removes benzene and some VOCs emitted from harsh cleaning products – makes it another good office factory if your maintenance staff do not use green cleaners. It prefers Dim light and high transpiration rate which will humidify your air. Just be aware that the leaves can be toxic to pets and children.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Orgasm Proven to Make Women More Healthy

Orgasm Apparently Healthy Women Make. Wow, it turns orgasms experienced by women can make the body healthy and refreshed. That being said Lisa Turner psychologist and consultant orgasm from England.

There are the conditions? Ooo .. certainly there.
"The condition, of course, you have to really have an orgasm. In fact, proper orgasm, certainly will increase your energy.


However, unfortunately this is not just any woman can experience. A study showed that 28% of women rarely or never have an orgasm (full orgasm). Similarly, as reported by The Sun, not long ago, as is the case with what is played by Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

In fact, continued Lisa, orgasms even help improve the health and vitality of concentration, and this will make her work better.

"You will look healthier, energetic and full of vitality," said Lisa.
As a consultant who also teaches about love, Lisa describes, there are at least four types of orgasms experienced by women, namely:

1. Clitoral orgasm
In the past, we did not know that women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Now stimuli on these organs are often used for women to achieve orgasm.

2. Vaginal Orgasm
This type involves an area called the G-spot and other sensitive parts inside Miss V. Orgasm is physically very different and can be felt more intensely dependent spouse's ability to play its role. But clearly, when you reach it, your energy instead of decreasing, even increased.

3. Multiple Orgasms
Currently the ML series progresses, you get peaks and feel pleasure (orgasm) several times, like a string of pearls that line. That is called multiple orgasms.

4. Orgasm whole body
It is very rarely experienced by most women. Not because it is difficult to achieve, but with the right training, women and even men, can feel it. Orgasm can take up to 30 minutes, although a few minutes can too.

The important thing to remember, said Lisa, past traumas and the inability to let go of thoughts about work, relationships with friends, family, and other problems, become the most significant obstacle for women to achieve orgasm. Therefore Rescue and enjoy moments of your orgasm, and the orgasm feel that you are experiencing.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Relaxation of Body and Mind with Savasana

Relaxation of Body and Mind with Savasana

Savasana. Many ways to relax the body and mind. One of the most simple yet effective is savasana. savasana is a relaxation technique that comes from yoga. If you practice yoga, savasana is often done at the end of the exercise, ending with meditation. However savasana can actually be done at any time outside of the practice of yoga. For example, when you are tired and want to quickly restore power.

A lot of benefit from savasana. Among them are increases concentration and calm the mind so that it can help relieve stress and mild depression.


savasana also relaxes the whole body and give him time to repair damaged cells. As a result, could relieve some disorders such as headaches and fatigue. Savasana can also help normalize blood pressure, heart rate and overcome sleeplessness.

Here's how to do savasana:

1. Face comfortably

Find a comfortable place to his back, so the body can be in a flat position. Could be on the floor, mat or bed. If you intend to use this technique to overcome insomnia, and as an exercise before bed, you should do in bed.

Keep in a quiet place, so you can more easily concentrate. If you look in the mirror the eye, temporarily release.

Start by sitting down, then bend your knees and feet flat on the floor. Then, lay the body slowly. Feel whether you are comfortable supine position is really comfortable.

If the lower back discomfort, with the help of hands, lift your hips slightly upwards. Align the lower back his best with caution, and then put it back to the floor. Do not force. That way, the lower back area would be more comfortable. If less convenient, you can put a folded towel in the lower back.

Alternatively, bend your knees and let your feet flat on the floor. This position makes the lower back area so not depressed so more relaxed.

To be more comfortable, you can prop a pillow under your knees. Importantly, do not push. Relax your lower back area. In order to fix the position of the back straight and elongated spine.

2. Set the Hand, Foot and Head

Take a breath, slowly open your legs shoulder width apart. Straighten your right leg, then let be relaxed. Do also on the left foot. Relax both shins, and note that each foot will naturally lead out.

After that, help neck and head becomes more relaxed. How, with hands slowly lift the bottom of the head so that the neck vertebrae aligned. Do not force. Then, slowly put back head to the floor.

Kalu could not do it, and feel uncomfortable, prop your head and neck with a rolled towel. Then relax your shoulders. Make sure the shoulder does not go up and tense. Rest comfortably on the floor.

Put your hands toward the ceiling and then place it on the floor, about 45 degrees from the shoulder. Open palms up and relax.

3. Relax tense areas

While regulating the breath, relax your senses. Relax your tongue, nose, earlobes, and surrounding areas, as well as the muscles around the eyes.

Similarly relax the forehead and the area between the eyebrows are usually knotted with tension. Let your eyes relax and terraces as heavy.

Feel the whole body from the toe to the top of the head and find which part is uncomfortable and stiff. Relax area, if necessary wiggle a bit to find a comfortable position. Then, feel the whole body to relax so that feels heavy and blend with the earth.

4. relaxes while exhaling

Once the entire body comfortable and relaxed, focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath, feel the fingers of the right foot and relax while exhaling long and smooth. Do the same for the left toe.

Then take a breath and relax your calf and shin right leg while exhaling. Do it again to the left.

And so on, up one by one in sequence. Waist, abdomen, fingers, arms, shoulders, neck, chin, mouth, nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, around the face, until the top of the head.

5. Focus on breathing

The more relaxed? Focus your mind on your breathing for 5 to 30 minutes. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to count backwards from certain numbers. Most yoga teachers recommend number 27 because it is considered not take too long or short.

Take a breather with the nose, as he said in the liver "27". Exhale while saying the hearts of "27", and so on, until it reaches zero. And repeat again if you feel less.

If the concentration is suddenly lost and you stop counting. Repeat again from the number 27. And so on. If you fall asleep before the count, it means you lose concentration or too tired, you can continue doing savasana or at a later time. Over time, the more you can easily concentrate.

6. It is with caution

After savasana, body and mind become very relaxed. To finish, do not immediately stand

Feel the entire body and senses. Then slowly wiggle the fingers and toes. Bend your left knee, slowly while exhaling turn the body to the right side.

Take a breath and dispose of as much as 2 to 3 times. Then resting on hands, slowly raise the waist to sit. The head is the last part up.

A comfortable cross-legged and close your eyes. Then, take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. Do about 3 to 6 times the breath, or whatever you like.