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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Best Herbs for Lung Cleansing

Ginger, natural heating material, warms you, the speed of circulation; cleanse all the toxins and lung secretions. These are the basic ingredients of the syrup.

Onions, this material widely used in this kind of syrup, to help remove mucus from the chest easier. It also cleanses the blood and increases the body's immune system.

Turmeric: This material includes parts of spices. Abortion is no vitamins, minerals, omega - 3 fatty acids that help fight viruses, harmful bacteria and cancer.

Honey, natural material, the best that there is to maintain the flavor and quality beverages. Rich content of the necessary anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidants, vitamins and mineral ingredients to help the body fight, heal and rejuvenate.

Lung Cleansing

Water, the best drinks there in the world. This is a transporter of all the ingredients mentioned.

Below is a recipe for clearing the lungs

• Onions - 1kg (35 oz.)
• Ginger Root - small and peeled
• Water (4 cups)
• Honey 400 g (14 oz.)
• Turmeric - small and peeled


• First, boil water and honey in a saucepan
• Second, add the onion and grated ginger
• Third, after the boiling mixture, add turmeric
• The four - Reduce the heat and simmer until the mass shrinks 1/2 and pour into a glass bottle. Once cooled continuously cooled.


1 drink twice a day on an empty stomach.
On the morning of drinking two tablespoons and better not eaten anything for 1/2 hour.

At night, drink two tablespoons of the current two hours before dinner.

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Hair Type and Hair Treatment

Hair Type and Hair Treatment. Actually not too hard to differencing our hair type, because beauty expert of Ester House Surabaya, dr. Santi Sadikin said that to knowing hair type. We can look just from skin face type.

If your skin face is oiled, so your hair is oiled. And if your skin face is dry, so your hair is also dry. There are three kinds of hair, they are:

  • Dry Hair
  • Oiled Hair
  • Normal Hair

Many women not too satisfied with her hair. The reason is they hard to control the structure of the hair. It can happen because wrong treatment and care.

Hair Treatment

 Normal Type
On content on hair is normal, and inclined balance, so when we feel it our hair, we feel the hair is not too dry and not too humid or balance.

In order to serve hair is always health, take care your hair routine with doing shampoo once in a two days. So your hair is always clean and healthy. Try to creambath once a month. Hair expert from Surabaya Johni Gozalli said that creambath is also important thing for our hair fertility. Mainly if your hair is long, because long hair need harder treatment. When we don’t take care of our hair, it will branch, brittle and red.

 Dry Type
We only need a simple way to knowing dry hair. If you feel your hair, the hair feel so dry, it happens because low level of oil on our head skin.

Dry hair type is also feel coarse if we doing wrong treatment. Even people who have this hair type usually feel broken off. Because is easy to change become red and branch on the top of hair.

Especially if we always meet not weather, pollution, dust, and medicines that used in salon.
Dr. Santi Sadikin said that this hair type must be preserve clean with shampoo once in two days. Add hair moisturized that can you use after shampoo, when the hair is still wet. We can also rub it when our hair is dry, with this tips, we hope that your hair is always serve. Exactly to use conditioner, Johny said that “better if we use conditioner that different with shampoo. Because the benefits will better than we use two in one shampoo, because the function of shampoo is just for cleaner of hair”.

If we mix conditioner with shampoo, conditioner will dissolved from hair, so conditioner work not optimal.

It better if we rub conditioner after shampoo, so that conditioner will optimal to serve our hair.

Johny is also said to do creambath routine once a month. With creambath that has certain period like shampoo, rubbing hair vitamin; head skin massage, steam and hair tonic can cure your hair condition.

Head skin massage is really needed to stimulant glands oil on head skin, so oil level will increase.

 Oiled Type
This type is easy to knower, because the hair look lump like when we use hair oil.
Oil level on this type is high. “We have to worry with this condition, because dandruff is really easy to come,” said Dr. Santi. Many people thing that dandruff come on dry hair. Moreover dead head skin color is white, dry and fall when we comb, whereas that is false.

Dandruff is found on oiled hair, because humid level is very high, high level of oil can causing hair dirty. That dirty thing that can causing dandruff, said Dr. Santi.

Oiled hair treatment is same with other hair treatment. But when you do creambath, don’t too long to do head skin massage, because it will add oil level on head skin.

On oil hair, Dr. Santi said to do stress therapy. Stress therapy is creambath with little head skin massage.

Head skin massage is decrease so that oil level not increases. Massage more on neck and shoulder to weaking stiff muscles. Oiled hair patients have to worry to do creambath. If they do wrong treatment, so oil level condition will decrease.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Natural Ways to Clean Your Kidneys, You'll be Surprised..!!

Natural Ways to Clean Your Kidneys. Kidneys are among the most vital organs other than the heart. If one of the functions of our kidneys fail then the consequences will affect the health of the organs of the body. Maybe you never know how someone has experienced kidney failure, every week had to do dialysis and of course it will take a lot of costs.

For many years we are working with the kidneys filter the blood and remove excess salt levels, as well as toxins or unwanted toxins enter our bodies. Along with the running time of course there will be accumulation of excess salt and requiring cleaning maintenance. Many ways to treat kidney cleanse toxins and salt, either through medical methods or traditional treatments.

Natural Ways to Clean Your Kidneys

Through a post on, my little wish to provide information that could be your reference in finding natural ways cleanses your kidneys. Please read carefully the natural way the kidneys cleanse it.

How do we do this KIDNEY wash?

• It's easy, first take a bunch of celery.
• Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces and put into the pot.
• Then pour clean water and boil for ten minutes and let it cool.
• Then strain and pour into a clean bottle and store in refrigerator until cold.
• Drink one glass daily and you will see all the accumulation of salts and other toxins out of your kidneys during urination.

After a few times to drink potions celery leaves, you will feel the difference that you may have never felt before, the body will feel fresh. Because celery is known as the best treatment to cleanse the kidneys and the NATURAL!

Please distribute to all your friends via facebook, twitter, or post it again through your blog by providing a link back to the blog in order to provide positive information for many people in need. For people who regularly consume drugs celery herb doctors tips can you try, do patiently for natural healing usually takes some time to feel the effect. Good luck!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

9 Simple Steps to Satisfy Your Woman's Breasts

What is the first thing you notice about a woman smile and eyes, and her course? If you answer truthfully, probably her breasts. This is not to feel ashamed of, but want to know what it is? You can spend a lot of time ogling them in broad daylight, and not enough time giving them the attention they deserved when the lights are low.

Say what I hear from a lot of [women] is that men get down immediately to the South, because that's where they get the most results, sexologist Stephen de wit. For many women, the breasts area of pleasure, but it is not comprehensible to man because we don't have breasts a lot of information we learn from media and pornography.

9 Simple Steps to Satisfy Your Woman's Breasts

Sound about right? Before moving the Google frenzy is comprehensive, take a second to read this. We have consulted with the best experts in the world of money to create a step by step guide to delight her breasts in the bedroom. Lady and her ladies will be satisfied with these nine simple steps.

Step 1: Understand that the breasts are not all the same.

Is all of the snow, says sex expert Laura Somoza. Just because something has worked with one partner in the past, it doesn't mean the same will work for your partner. There is no one specific advice that will be good for every woman. Some women want the breast stimulation in the form of teasing the tender, soft, and some want of rougher. You have to know your audience, she says.

Step 2: Start gently until you know what you like.
Proceed with care and follow your fingers gently over the outer edges, says sexologist O'Reilly Jessica. Run your thumb lightly within the area where they are located and using only your fingers to caress her as you breathe warm air above the nipple. Avoid capture or kneading them.

9 Simple Steps to Satisfy Your Woman's BreastsStep 3: Have a comb.
Dr O'Reilly confirms it's not a bad thing. Kiss her breasts full, but ignore her nipples for a few minutes, she says. Breathing more provocatively, but do not make any physical contact until it Wiggles her body with lust. It may take some restraint on your part, but the accumulation will be worth when they tingle as she orgasms.

Step 4: Connect without ruining the mood.
Certainly, the idea of talking about the preferences of your woman's breast in the heat of the moment does seem like attractive exercise, but will benefit both of you at the end. Dr Stephen de wit stressed the importance of doing so at the moment. It can be a bit awkward to bring up, even while you are touching or caressing her, saying things like 'do you like this? Does it turn you on?' You don't have to be clinical.

Step 5: Allow her to be a teacher.
Dr de Wit also promotes the idea of showing, instead of saying. By passing power to her, she gets to be the teacher, he says. You can say things like,' you touch yourself and show what you want. It can be really exciting. Dr O'Reilly refers to try out the positions that allow the man who held her breasts in place to get a better idea about her preferences. Reach around from behind in doggy style or put her hands on her breasts as she rides you so she can show you just how she likes to be touched, she says.

Step 6: Pay attention to breathing and reflexes.
De Witt says: be aware of what happens with the rest of her body, her breathing, and the way she moans, her flush. But don't ignore the breasts themselves: aphrodisiac cause more blood flow the breasts, and often results in breast tissues swell up to 25%. Skin redness on breasts and darkening ariolas are also good marks in it, he advises.

Step 7: If she likes playing rougher, get a little weird.
Nipple clamps, and some slight pressure can be really hot, says Somoza. There is a whole school of thought that women like to have some kind of restraint on the breast to add little roughness because it makes them feel sexy.

Step 8: Use different sensations.
For women who are not adventurous, it can be a combination of hot and cold and touches as clamps. Use ice cubes almost painful, which can be super hot for a lot of women, says Somoza. It also suggests popular object: fur gloves. Different types of material such as that can be really enjoyable.

Step 9: Compliment ladies.
If you like breasts, tell her! Regards potency and feeling comfortable in her skin will help to lift her mood and sexual desire and sexual response, says Dr O'Reilly. Gently tease her ladies, and you'll see how quickly you up with a bedroom with just the right touch, it will turn good sex great.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

The Commission experts to sleep naked has its benefits. When couples, and obviously he prefers intimacy. Then you'll discover key benefits 10.

1. Refreshes the body

During the day the body is exposed to environmental stress and tension, overnight needs to find a balance, so it naturally lowers the temperature. In this way, very hot can interfere with this process.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

2. Cleaner

In the case of women, there is better air flow in the genital area because while it's normal for bacteria to develop in that area, much of which is not good.

3. It enhances fertility.

Such men as sperm-producing cells work best at temperatures slightly below that normally has in the body.

4. Healthy skin

Stop a lot of heat during the night to release melatonin, which regulates sleep and growth hormone, and fight aging in the body.

5. Help to get more restful sleep

In ambient temperature of 23 degrees usually County sleep, rest and so. Thus, sleeping naked help avoid that the body is too hot, it helps to have a better sleep and facilitate good awakening.

6. Combat abdominal fat

When a person sleeps poorly since, for example, measuring body temperature is too high, and you wake up with a high level of cortisol. This is the hormone many effects on the body, including appetite control, if high, you will have more cravings and overeating.

7. Reduces the risk of diabetes

Study published in the journal Diabetes to sleep in a cold room (not the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) reduces the risk of diabetes. Experiment conducted during the study showed that people who maintain a steady cool temperature during the break more stable blood sugar levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

8. Improving circulation

Pajama pants elastic waist or ankles, sleeve cuffs or pleats in Nightgowns causing poor circulation of blood throughout the body. To prevent this, there's nothing like getting rid of pajamas.

9. To improve self esteem

The best strategy for people with self esteem problems because of his physique sleeping naked. This simple gesture helps to improve confidence and self esteem for us to see the body such that is every night when we go to sleep.

10. Improves your life Amorosa

Natasha Turner, published ntthrobeth American experts that sleep skin to skin when releases the hormone oxytocin, love, which makes a much better to wake up the next day, with a better mood, and also with more sexual desire, since oxytocin increases greatly wishes to exercise. This version of oxytocin to communicate with your partner sleeping skin and also produces lower blood pressure, improve bowel movement and also helps relieve stress.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Plants for Healthy Skin

The skin may benefit from preventive and curative properties in these flowers, herbs and roots.

Nature offers a large range of powers it enhances mood and feel energized connected with something more when you and help you heal all employees even the healthiest foods. In addition, some of the best skin care ingredients to full protection properties that you can cure acne and lightening skin patches and protect cells from sunlight. These wonderful phytochemicals (called polyphenols) nicer on the skin because it doesn't strip natural oils in the skin and less harsh than some creams and prescription medications that tend to irritate the skin.

Plants for Healthy Skin

Some plants after skin-friendly may surprise you, especially if you enjoyed it for other reasons, such as how to taste or smell. It's worth giving a try if you are experiencing some skin diseases, or in an attempt to prevent further damage, especially to be found easily in most products. Of course you can always talk with your dermatologist if you are concerned about trying something new.

Sunspots unclear with licorice

Sun spots and uneven pigmentation due to Sun Prime examples of contracts, why it is so important to wear SPF 30 daily, even in winter. To lighten unwanted dark spots and many dermatologists hydroquinone (HQ), works by reducing the production of melanin (skin pigment cells). However, the irritability is a common side effect, which is why you may want to try licorice. Licorice functions in a similar manner to Headquarters for skin lightening. Many anti aging creams and cleansers that contain this search extract from dibotasiom glisirhizati in the list of ingredients.

Beat acne with thyme

For many people, acne is something that doesn't just disappear after the teenage years. Pimples can pop up in your twenties, thirties, forties or changes later, it stimulates hormonal breakouts. While benzyl peroxide go to fight acne effectively, can cause dryness and flakiness and hard on some complexions. Enter thyme, which, with antibacterial properties that can help eliminate bacteria (known as Propionibacterium acnes) causes acne. And those with sensitive nature will be happy to hear that grass is gentler on the skin. Although research on thyme and acne are still ongoing and that the item is already available in detergents and topical treatments debuggers drawback masks. In addition, research has shown that tea tree oil can help reduce inflammation associated with acne; you can buy it in undiluted form, or look for the face masks that contain, but don't apply it near your mouth, they can be harmful when ingested.

Protection from sun damage with green tea

The ability of green tea to help support you in maintaining a healthy weight is impressive, but so too is the fact that applied to your skin could provide similar protection "antioxidants", such as EGCG, along with caffeine, can help absorb and neutralize free radicals that can lead to the signs of aging, sunburn and skin cancer. Green tea is added to a wide range of skin care products, but may be particularly effective when added to the Sun, and look at the ingredient list until the next time you shop for Sun protection factor. It is important to note that shouldn't apply green tea instead of sunlight, as it may not provide sufficient protection from sunlight alone.

Relieve rosacea with chamomile

Most likely, you are familiar with the calming effects of Chamomile; maybe you even enjoy sipping Chamomile tea before bed. Also this flowering herb, used during the Roman and Egyptian medical treatment for problems such as burns, acne, skin soothing strong influence of conditions such as Rosacea (characterized by redness, flushing and cleaning). Chamomile both reduces irritation and fights bacteria, one possible cause of rosacea. Some chemicals in the plant, such as chamazulene, reduce redness, while others, such as livominol and moisturize and smooth uneven skin texture. Search in products such as Chamomile eye cream and moisturizers cleansers and toners, especially those designed for sensitive skin.

Reducing wrinkles with rose

The popular rose in addition to skin care products, partly because of the smell divine. Researchers have discovered, although Venus helps protect against inflammation, which can degrade the skin firming collagen and elastin, resulting in lines and wrinkles. And had risen from powerful polyphenols, plant compounds that suppress specific enzymes that "run" the inflammation in the skin. Looking for skin creams and refreshments and rose bath products.