3 Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Pimples

Thursday, 12 January 2017

3 Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Pimples

Most people think that acne can appear on the face because the skin is oily. Although most are like that, but it is not entirely correct assumption knows. Even if you have dry skin, acne can also grow in the face.

It is not a surprise; many of the women are also experiencing the same problem. Most acne occurs in women who have passed puberty or adulthood. This is affected by the instability of the body's hormones.

Even so, that does not mean you can’t handle. There are some tips you need to know to take care of facial skin acne to dry skin.

Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Pimples

Use Acne Cream
Although the effect can cause the skin to be dry, but it is quite effective. The key is a single, drink enough water and do not use cream in excessive doses.

Use Olive Oil
Moisturize the face with olive oil instead of just maintaining elasticity and firmness of the skin, but also helps eliminate acne scars. In addition, moist faces will also be better in accelerating the healing of acne. Choose a moisturizer that does not contain oil so it does not trigger acne appears more.

Never Too Often Cleaning Face
Too often the only face wash will remove the natural oils in the skin and make the skin even drier.

If you have trouble finding care products the right, trying to acne treatment home using natural ingredients is also highly recommended, such as using masks tomatoes, potatoes, avocado and cucumber which will moisturize as well as accelerate the healing of acne because of the water content and vitamins A and C its high.

Using a mask of lemon and garlic would be more effective because besides vitamins A and C, it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory will immediately react to cure acne. But if you are of a sensitive skin, then mix with honey or yogurt are also very good in eradicating acne.

Well, he tips and powerful way to overcome the acne to dry skin. How the Ladies, not hard is not it?



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