Benefits of Kitchen Salt

Monday, 16 January 2017

Benefits of Kitchen Salt

Benefits of Kitchen Salt

Disappearing Putrid Taste Smell on Eel
Salt that usually uses to add salty taste, can bring another benefits, that is to pursue putrid taste smell on eel, add a hand of salt inside the pocket that there found life eel. Wait until the eel is dying, then clean it and add flavor.

Decrease Putrid Taste of Fish
It’s so strange if your salty fish feel so salty, clean fish with salt liquid, so some salt on fish will mix with slat liquid.

Decrease Acid Taste on Fruits
Acid fruit like plumlike fruit or young mango can add by salt before made into sweetener. After that acid taste will decrease.

Make Boiled Vegetable Still Fresh and Green
Who not attracted to eat fresh green vegetable? Cook salt liquid until ripe and cook vegetable inside it. Wait until the vegetable is ripe. Now your vegetable is always green.

Disappearing Itch on Pineapple
Be careful to eat pineapple, if it false can make your larynx feel itch. Your mother said this word right? Whereas by using salt that problem can solve, after we remove pineapple skin, rub with salt on it. Now your pineapple is secure to eat. Don’t worry if your larynx will itch. Without that, your pineapple will sweeter.

Decrease Toothache
Toothache taste will decrease if you rinse with warm salt liquid. If you routine to do this tips, you can also to pursue bad smell on your mouth.

Disappearing Painful on Foot
We don’t need a massage again to disappearing painful on your foot. Just submerge your foot on warm salt liquid. After that submerge on cold water, do it until your foot is cure.

Disappearing Blood Spot on Cloth
It’s really hard to pursue blood, mainly for dry blood. But with salt, it’s not a big problem again; submerge cloth with blood spot in salt liquid, after that clean with detergent.

Serve Fish Not to Stick on Wok
It’s so resentful if we cook fish then that fish stick on wok and the skin will released on wok, so your fried fish not too good to look. The best step is to fried fish on Teflon. But if you don’t have this thing, just rub your wok with salt before add by oil, you can try and look the result.

Disappearing Hot Taste on Skin
The bad effect to slicing chili is making hot taste on our hand. To cure this problem, submerged your hand on salt liquid until hot taste Is gone.

Decrease Hot Taste
If you are not too like with hot taste or we are not deliberately to bite chili, don’t panic and don’t louder your voice, just rub your tongue with some salt, salt can decrease hot taste.



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