How to Beautiful with Bird Poop?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Beautiful with Bird Poop?

Beautiful with bird poop? Many ways in which a woman to make herself beautiful and youthful. Even by taking a rather strange way also is passed in order to get the body and a pretty face and youthful. Been reported in British newspapers about the existence of a beauty procedure by injecting blood to the skin to get a beauty, and in America by CNN, that the beauty experts at Beverly Hills practice and in Maui placenta facial, facial with bird poop.

Naturally beauty

Placenta or LED?
Know Denise Richards and Megan Fox? Both artists are known for their beautiful faces as flawless. Their secret? Facial with placenta! Louise Deschamps, skin care specialist who open a practice in Beverly Hills, California, said that he could perform placenta facials as much as 20-25 times per week. The placenta facial treatment also helped by light therapy LED (Light Emitting Diode) to help fight the signs of aging.

According to Deschamps, placenta facial good for problematic skin and inflamed or acne conditions though. However, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, professor of dermatology from Langone Medical Center, University of New York, admitted that he had not heard whether or not there are studies about the goodness of the placenta to the skin. According to him, the most likely outcome that looks good after facial placenta is the effect of earlier LEDs. Because LED light is able to stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which can give the impression of skin looks firmer, supple, and radiant.

Bird poop or beauty potion?
In addition to the placenta, there is a new finding which was introduced to the world the beauty of Europe. This time they used the pigeon poop as a facial. Lula Pacheco, chairman of Diamond Spa esthetician in Wailea, Maui islands, said that bird poop have good properties for the skin. Nightingale poop (nightingale) are dried, then reduced to micro size, then mixed as an ingredient for a facial cleanser. After facial with bird poop, the skin will feel soft and toned.

Use of this dirt is actually caused by the tradition of Japan. It is said that, in earlier times, the Japanese women use nightingale poop to clean stains on silk fabric. Even the geisha was used as a skin whitener and soften their skin that are often exposed to makeup for their work.

It is debatable whether the efficacy of nightingale poop could really be proven or not. Brian Keller, dermatopharmacologist and deputy head of the Bio Zone Laboratories in San Francisco, said that the possibility of success in the face of this product is due to its content. According to him, nightingale poop have a high concentration of urea from the combination of the bird poop and urine. Urine contains urea and is often used as a skin softener.



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