If Choose Wrong Hair Treatment

Sunday, 15 January 2017

If Choose Wrong Hair Treatment

If Choose Wrong Hair Treatment. It be better if you serious to do healthy hair treatment. Because it will bring bad effect if we wrong to choose hair treatment.

There are not bad effects on dry and oiled hair, wrong to use normal hair product usually causing hair itch and dry.

Hair Treatment

But if your hair is dry and wrong to use shampoo for oiled hair or just the opposite, it can cause huge bad effect. Why? Because product that made for dry hair have function to add oil level and moisturized on our hair.

So if this product used for oiled hair, it will increase oil level on our hair. Just the opposite, if oiled hair product used for dry hair. It can cause this hair more dry. Because this product is used for oiled hair that has function to decrease oil level on our hair, many signs that can found when you use wrong product or not correct for your hair. There are your hair will feel so dry, stiff, coarse and pallid. Even it can causing dandruff that can make itch on our head.

Be careful if you choose wrong hair treatment. To prevent more damage, soon to consultation with your hair expert.

Tips to preserve healthy hair
  • Know your hair type; ask help to your hair expert if you are not sure with your hair condition.
  • Use product that has correct function for your hair.
  • Routine to do shampoo and certainly your hair are clean.
  • Try to do creambath routine once a month with correct and true steps.
  • Use wide hat to cover your hair from dust, pollution, and hot temperature when you go outside.
  • Choose correct hair treatment center if you will painting and curling your hair, so that product and treatment is correct with your hair treatment.



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