Natural Ways of Vagina Making & Fragrant

Friday, 13 January 2017

Natural Ways of Vagina Making & Fragrant

Natural Ways of Vagina Making & Fragrant - Vagina (Miss V) has a dense and natural fragrance of course is the desire of all women without exception. Moreover, women who already have a husband must have a tight vagina and fragrant highly desirable because it will always be loved by her husband. And of course make households be more harmonious. How many cases of divorce or a husband's infidelity caused his wife could not take care of their body, especially in areas vital organ that is most valuable.

Vagina Making & Fragrant

A wife, especially young and had just given birth should certainly be good at taking care of his body, especially the intimate organ. If you are also a wife who had just given birth and want to keep your vagina tight and fragrant try to read on traditional ingredients below.
There are so many ways to make the vagina tight and fragrance of care in modern or traditional treatments.

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For a modern treatment usually will require no small cost. For women with minimal economic conditions of course this is only a dream only. But there is a solution to the traditional treatments using materials that are easily obtainable.

We should be grateful to live in a tropical country like Indonesia because many useful plants that grow here.

OK how to tighten vagina using traditional ingredients, I will describe as follows:

  • Areca young skin sufficiently soaked in clean water.
  • 13 pieces of betel leaf
  • Gambir or uncaria gambir original from Palembang 3 eggs
  • Lime betel

Take a betel leaf and then mash until smooth and put in a nut shell marinade. Then take Gambir then mash well until smooth and also enter in a bath earlier, as well as betel lime already in the sifter. All the above materials mixed together and stir until blended. Let settle for 5 minutes. Take water from these herbs to wash your vagina for 5 times a day. Make some time to wait and see the results after approximately one week.

Hopefully the above tips tighten vagina could be a reference to domestic harmony you and your husband become more dear. Good luck.

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