Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Friday, 21 April 2017

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus or ordinary people call as diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder because it is caused by many factors. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a group of chronic diseases characterized by elevated levels of sugar in the blood as a result of the disruption in the body's metabolic system, in which the pancreas is unable to produce insulin the body needs.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

He Mellitus Insulin diabetes is one of the hormones produced by the pancreas which is responsible for controlling the number / blood sugar levels and insulin is needed to change (process) of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy needed human body. The hormone insulin function lowers blood sugar levels.

A. Early Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

The early symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus commonly called the 3P, namely:
  1. Polyuria (lots of urine). This happens when the sugar content exceeds the renal threshold resulting in glucose in the urine draws water so that the urine becomes many. So often people with diabetes have pee with intensity exceeding the duration of the normal volume (polyuria).
  2. Polidipsi (much to drink). Because of frequent urination, often in diabetic patients (diabetesein) will be much drinking, (polidipsi). Because of this we often find the diabetesein have complaints of weakness, a lot of eating (polifagi).
  3. Polifagi (much to eat). A new diabetesein eat will have insufficient insulin for glucose to enter the cells, it will cause the body will always 'feel' hungry, so the body often feels weak. Compensation diabetesein someone will eat more.

B. Continued Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus
  1. Reduced weight. When the process is insufficient pancreatic secretion of the hormone insulin to convert sugar into energy, the body will use fat and protein deposits that exist. 'Emptying' of fat and protein deposits in the body causing weight loss.
  2. Being blurred vision. High blood sugar levels can cause changes in the eye lens so as blurred vision although just replace the glass eye.
  3. Tired fast. Because the sugar in the blood can not be converted into body cells, the body ceoat feel tired, underpowered and bahakan often sleepy.
  4. Itching in the pubic area. Fungal infections cause itching around the genitals, especially in women.
  5. Difficult heal wounds. At diabetesein, a decline in the power of the body against infection and injuries occur when it is difficult to be difficult to heal. Does not rule out the possibility, in case of severe infection in the toe area, will have the potential to be amputated to permanent disability.

C. Symptoms of Chronic Diabetes Mellitus
  1. Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction & Tingling in the feet. Diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels network both on the pubic and legs, which can cause impotence and tingling in the legs.
  2. Kidney damage
  3. Gangrene (severe infection in the foot to rot)
  4. Blindness
  5. Stroke attack
  6. Coronary Heart Attack
  7. Sudden death

Diabetes Mellitus is not scary if caught early. The symptoms that arise very unwise to be left, because it will plunge into fatal complications.



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